Men’s Wallet Buyer Guide

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How well does your wallet suit you? Do you carry a lot of cash? Mainly cards? Do you like to keep every receipt? Or just your ID and a card or two? These are all questions you have to ask yourself when selecting the perfect wallet for yourself. Often times, there isn’t one answer…or wallet…that is an ideal fit for every situation. As men (and women), we have more than one pair of shoes, belt, etc – mostly determined by what we’re doing that day. Why not more than one wallet? I mean, hey, here at The Wallet Shoppe we’d love for you to have one of each of the wallets we offer (we’re kind of attached to all of them), but we realize that most likely isn’t practical. That said, more and more of our customers are electing to buy more than one wallet from us. We started asking ourselves why? Well, we’ve come to the conclusion that guys and gals have different needs for their wallet…at different times. So why not get a wallet for each situation? That’s why we’ve written this how-to article. We hope it helps you in making your decision on which wallet…or wallets…are the best for you.

We’ve narrowed it down to three main areas of consideration when selecting your wallet.

What kind of clothes do you normally wear?

What items do you need to have in your wallet?

Daily wallet…secondary wallet?

What’s your dress code?
  • the business man. If suits and slacks are a staple for you, we suggest getting something slim and lightweight. With wool or cotton pants, too many things in your pocket can really weigh them down. Most of the guys we’ve talked to like this say they prefer a slim card case, money clip or lightweight front pocket wallet. You may have to ease up on the amount of cash you carry, but overall your suit or slacks will look and feel much better without that bulky wallet weighing them down.
  • the casual friday. If denim is a main part of your wardrobe diet, then you have some flexibility here. Although we ALWAYS encourage everyone to slim your wallet as much as you can, jeans allow you to carry your wallet front or back pocket – with plenty of support. So, you need to ask yourself what do you really need in your wallet? If the thought of carrying more than 2-3 cards make you cringe, then one of our Card Sleeves by Bellroy is an excellent option for you. If you absolutely have to keep plenty of cash and 4 out of 5 receipts, then you might consider the Hide & Seek wallet by Bellroy. From one end of the spectrum to the other, these wallets are both slim and completely functional.
  • the beach bum. If shorts and and flip flops are a daily occurrence, then we’d first like to say congrats. But seriously, you have some things to consider. If you mainly wear shorts without pockets – board shorts or workout shorts – then it might be a good idea to get something smaller and lightweight. Of course these wallets aren’t going to have quite as many features, but it’s “less wallet” for you to lug around.
What do you need in your wallet?
  • the minimalist. We feel there are different levels to this category, but we’re mainly talking about the Card Case guy or gal here. You’ve thought about it, and all you really need is your ID, Debit Card…and that’s it. You’ll never have to worry about that wallet weighing your clothes or taking up all the room in your pocket.
  • i need some cash. We get it, sometimes you just need to some cash in your pocket. Whether it’s for leaving a tip, getting a coke or just for comfort – you like to have actual bills in your pocket. Money Clips or Slim Front Pocket Wallets are both options for you, without weighing you down. You’ll need to fold your cash (and not carry a bunch of singles), but you can carry bills and still have a slim wallet.
  • my wallet is my personal safe. You have several credit cards, health insurance, ID, loyalty cards and business cards. You also have to carry cash and you like to keep receipts. If this is you, you need top get into a full feature, standard bifold wallet. We never recommend a trifold – in our opinion, the trifold is the very essence of the “Costanza Wallet”. It can lead to bulky pockets, back problems and an unorganized mess. There are plenty of bifolds that will meet your needs, but not weigh you down.
Secondary wallet?
  • the card case. At The Wallet Shoppe we recommend that everyone has one. It doesn’t even have to be your primary, but it will come in handy in a ton of situations. Going to the gym, vacation, ballgame, amusement park for the day? It’s nice to have a smaller wallet. It has everything you need for the day/week and nothing you don’t. Consider it.
  • the travel wallet. If you’ve ever used a passport before, or traveled through multiple airports, you know how important it is to keep track of everything. Most standard wallets aren’t equipped to handle your passport, tickets, receipts, extra documents, etc.. We suggest consolidating the contents of your current wallet with travel documents in a nice Travel Wallet or Passport Sleeve.  Check out our favorites for 2018.

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