Is This the Best Tumi Men’s Wallet? [Money Clip Card Case 2024]

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Tumi has come out with another winner with their Money Clip Card Case (part of the Nassau collection).  This little wallet bridges the gap for those that can’t decide between a more traditional wallet and a true money clip. 

Thanks to Tumi’s design, you don’t have to.

Tumi Men’s Wallet – Money Clip Card Case

If you’re a cash carrier but can’t go without a true “card pocket”, then this wallet is a perfect combination of the two.

The wallet is completely comprised of leather and features the sleek Tumi style that we’ve all come to appreciate. You’re looking at a true minimalist wallet – in fact, this style of wallet (card case plus money clip) was one of the earliest forms of the minimalist movement.

The Delta Card Case features two card pockets in the front, as well as a leather money clip on the back.  There is a hidden stash pocket in the middle that can be used for receipts, valet tickets, etc.

Tumi Nassau Money Clip Card Case Black Textured One Size

It also comes with RFID protection.  Now whether on not you need that is for you to decide.  We’ve written an article on it here that goes in-depth on the subject.  That said, it’s becoming more and more standard.

All in all, the wallet has a great approval rating.  The bottom line, the users of this wallet agree that you get an excellent wallet for a great price.

Card Capacity

The wallet comes with three overall card pockets.  Realistically, you can fit 6 cards (comfortably) in the wallet.  That said, we’ve seen some users cram 10+ cards.  Personally, I don’t really recommend that.  First, it’s the fastest way to ruin a wallet.  An overstuffed wallet stretches out and is hard to shrink back.  Secondly, you don’t really need that many cards anyway.  Take a good look at what you’re carrying a leave the other items at home, or secure in your car.

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This wallet comes is fine Nappa leather.  They utilize both full and top grain across their line of products.  Top grain leather is absolutely high quality and perfectly fine for a wallet.  If you’re doing after a briefcase or bag, I prefer full grain.  This is simply because it will be under great stress, thus needing a heavier duty leather.

Tumi Nassau Money Clip Card Case Black Textured One Size


From a style standpoint, the wallet stays true to the Tumi classic look.  It’s black on black with black stitching.  There’s no ballistic nylon present, which you’ll find across many of their other designs.  That said, it’s really a preference and feel thing. 

Tumi Quality

Tumi was founded in 1975 after its founder spent some time in South America in the Peace Corps. The brand has stood the test of time (obviously).

They are known for two things:

  • Black on black designs
  • Quality

You’ll find ballistic-style nylons on many of their wallets and bags, providing a very tactical look, although the wallet we reviewed above is made entirely from Tumi black leather. You can find it here:

Tumi Money Clip Card Case
  • The Perfect Gift: Simple and elegant, it's perfect for everyday use for the man in your life
  • RFID Wallet: Blocks the electromagnetic fields from reaching your cards that have RFID chips in them
  • Features: Has slip pocket, money clip, and 2 card pockets for more convenient use
  • About TUMI: We strive for superior quality, design excellence, and technical innovation

Tumi Money Clip Card Holder Alternatives

We always like to give you a few other options to look at of similar styles.  The standout feature on the Tumi Money Clip Card Case is exactly that – the combination of the money clip and card case wallets.

The two wallets we’ll look at below are both that exact style, but at two very different price points.

House of Jack Carryall Money Clip with Card Case

HoJ Co. CARRYALL Money Clip Wallet | Super Strong Magnetic Clip | Minimalist Card Case With Money Clip | Slim Front Pocket Wallet| Card Wallet

The Carryall by House of Jack is a great alternative to the Tumi.  It’s roughly half the price, without an equivalent loss of quality.  All House of Jack wallets are made from full-grain leather.  What does this mean?  It means you won’t have to worry about finding a new wallet for a long time.

Capacity wise, the HOJ Carryall can handle a bit more than the Tumi mentioned above.  It comes with 4 card pockets as well as an ID holder.  The wallet can comfortably carry 8-10 cards.  It’s also RFID protected.

HOJ is a great brand that has made big waves in the carry world in the last few years.


Salvatore Ferragamo Money Clip Card Case

Luxury meets functionality with this little cardholder.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Salvatore Ferragamo, he was an Italian luxury shoe designer that turned into a full-blown luxury men’s brand.  His style and elegance are seen in every piece from them.  Including wallets.

704957 01 r20

This magnetic money clip card holder looks very much like the Tumi.  It comes with two card pockets, plus an additional stash pocket sandwiched between the card slots and the money clip.

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The rich calfskin leather is embossed with the timeless Salvatore Ferragamo logo.


Before You Go

We’re fans of Tumi wallets, but it’s true that some people aren’t fans of their ubiquitous black-on-black luggage. If you’re on the fence, be sure check out our next article!

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