Secrid Wallet Alternatives

Here are five alternatives to the Secrid collection that was reviewed previously. Each of these are unique in their own different way.  We tried to come up with wallets across the pricing spectrum that truly “compare” to Secrid.  Each of these wallets has a similar mechanism or functionality to Secrid, but slightly different.  We’ll look at the materials they’re made of, their practicality, the cost and much more.  The main thing we want you to realize…you have options.

Cascade Wallet

secrid wallet alternative

The Cascade Wallet is a sensible alternative to the Secrid Wallet. It weights in a bit heavier at 3.8 oz than the heaviest of the Secrid collection and is a little wider in each of the three dimensions. It comes with a luxurious leather cover encompassing a solid card holder in the middle with an aluminium cover which protects you from digital theft. On top of this it also has a money band alternative to keep your money safe. In terms of durability and practicality this is one of the best, but the price reflects it.  It comes in as the most expensive wallet on our list (but worth it).  There’s a reason we have it listed first.

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Lefada Wallet

secrid alternative

The Lefada wallet like the cascade wallet includes an RFID blocker to protect your cards from NFC-facilitated theft. It has more of a minimalist feel to it with a leather exterior with plenty of room to fit up to eight (8) flat cards across the two (2) inside card pockets. On the exterior of the wallet there is also room for some cash or receipts making the wallet very practical indeed. It is also great value for money being the lease expensive wallet on this list.

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ACM Wallet

ACM Secrid Alternative

This wallet has a brushed professional and stylish chrome finish. It has a mechanical car d holder that protects all your cards inside from RFID theft. It is very complexly mate consisting of over fifty (50) parts. When it comes to practicality this is far and beyond anything else on the market, for each card slot there is a logo or a color you can assign so you can keep track of which card is in which pocket without having to go through all of them only to find the one you’re after is in the last pocket. It is a bit pricier than the Lefada Wallet and comes in at cost with postage for very comparable to Secrid.

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Card Blocr

Card Blocr Secrid Option

This is another wallet which adopts a minimalist feel complete with a secure RFID blocker internally which guarantees to block 100% of attempted thefts. On the exterior you’ll find smooth and luxurious leather coating with enough room inside for four to six (4-6) cards and another one to two (1-2) cards inside the interior pockets. The cost of the Card Blocr actually makes it the best value (for the money) on this list.

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Ekster Senate

ekster senate wallet

The Ekster Wallet is the perfect balance of practicality and style consisting of a leather holder with a card slider as well as an RFID blocker inside the wallet. It costs around the same price as the ACM.  It has room for up to eight cards and is one of the thinnest wallets reviewed today at 0.59” thin and it’s extremely light. The card slider which comes up at the top of the wallet makes it quick and convenient to get your cards out when you’re at the shop counter.  We also did a full review of the Ekster.

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