The 75 Best Minimalist Wallets – Sorted By Style

Quite simply, this is the most comprehensive list of best minimalist wallets online.  We’ve taken months to carefully select each and every wallet on this list. We’ll give you unbiased reviews on each wallet, and pros and cons for each.  *Updated for 2019

These little wallets force you to ask yourself…do I really need this in my pocket?  We get so caught up with carrying 12-15 credit cards, 10-15 bills, our gym card, grocery rewards card, insurance card, movie club, receipts, pictures of your kids/grand kids and more…  No wonder peoples’ backs are hurting.  These wallets below will simplify your life (and your pocket).

There are four (4) basic styles of minimalist wallets on the market.  All of the wallets below will fall into one of these four categories – traditional money clips, card holders, bifolds and what we call “custom” style wallets.

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  • Card Holders – these are actually one of the early takes on a minimalist wallet. They come with enough room for your license and one or two cards.  There’s room for cash, but honestly, it’s not encouraged.  If you decide you need some cash, you can usually fold the bills and fit them nicely inside the middle pocket.
  • Bifolds – these are the little wallets that were pioneered by Bellroy. There the closest thing you’ll find to a traditional wallet, yet still remain minimalistic.  They do it a number of ways – thin material and innovative design primarily, but the main thing is that they encourage you to carry less.
  • Custom – these wallets are where the fun comes in.  They don’t quite fit into the money clip or bifold category…or maybe they fit into both?  We’ll just say this, there are some inventive people out there.  Some of the wallets we’ve seen are just straight up wild!  Whether they’re made of metal, wood or Tyvek, these wallets break the mold and help you slim the way you carry.
  • Money Clips – they come in many different shapes and sizes, but when it comes down to it, it’s a money clip.  Their primary purpose is that of carrying cash/bills. If you carry cash primarily, then these are something you should consider.


Minimalist Card Holders

01. Recycled Firefighter Wallet

Recycled Firefighter Wallet

The Recycled Firefighter wallet is bound to catch anyone’s eye the next time you whip it out. The wallets unique material is made from recycled polyester fire hose along with the T-90 Nylon binding for added strength during everyday use. Holds 8 cards, 10 bills and every single wallet is made in the USA. The slim design is perfect for carrying in your front pocket and gain quick access to cash with the money strap on the back. This would make a truly unique gift next Father’s day or Christmas.

  • Pros: Cool concept, super lightweight
  • Cons: A bit stiff at first and takes a week or two to soften up with use

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02. Saddleback Sleeve Wallet

Saddleback Sleeve Wallet

If you are a man looking for the ultimate way to travel light then the Saddleback Leather Co. Sleeve wallet is perfect for you. You will find that it fits comfortably in any pocket. The definitive minimalist design offers one slot which can hold up to 12 cards if needed and the bottom is cut out for your thumb to drive cards or cash up for quick removal. Made from the highest quality full grain leather this wallet will actually look better over time. In fact every wallet is guaranteed to last at least 100 years!

  • Pros: Extremely high quality leather and stitching.  100 year warranty!
  • Cons: It’s too small for some customers, but several noted that it “stretched” after a week or two.

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03. Herschel Supply “Charlie”

Herschel Supply Charlie Card Case Wallet

The Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Charlie wallet has a stylish, slim design for anyone that wants simple but high quality. 1 slip in the middle and 4 card slots located conveniently on the outside. RFID blocking technology. Made from 100% sturdy polyester which will keep your cards feeling secure and can be easily stowed in your front pocket. If you are ready to transition from bulky to lightweight then you can’t go wrong with this- wallet.

  • Pros:  Really cool color selection, quality stitching, fits more cards than expected (8-9 cards)
  • Cons:  Slightly larger than a similar version from Herschel, cards fit a bit easier, however.

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04. Bellroy Micro Sleeve

Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet

The Micro Sleeve is Bellroy’s smallest wallet.  It will still fit up to six (6) cards and some cash folded over twice.  Five different colors to choose from.

  • Pros: Bellroy quality, 3 year warranty
  • Cons: The colored leathers don’t wear well if you’re hard on wallets

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05. Saddleback Card Wallet (w/ ID Window)

Saddleback Card Wallet (ID Window)

Saddleback Co. has really out done itself with the RFID Front Pocket ID Wallet. There is a reason this wallet has won multiple awards for most outstanding minimalist version on the market. Made from reputable fine full grain leather a Saddleback wallet is always handcrafted by the most experienced artisans in the business. The Front Pocket ID is equipped with ID window and can hold up to 12 credit cards. A slot behind the ID will allow for storage of cash or receipts and as always every Saddleback Co wallet comes with a 100 year warranty.

  • Pros: Saddleback quality, true minimalist wallet
  • Cons: Takes a week or two to break in

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06. Bellroy Card Sleeve

Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet

The Card Sleeve is the OG card wallet by Bellroy.  Its little brother, the Micro Sleeve is of a similar size, but won’t quite hold as much as this one.  The secret is in the pull tab.  The picture shows you can fit up to eight (8) cards in the main pocket, but based on experience, you’d be better off keeping it closer to six (6) cards.  Remember, with any leather.  Once you stretch it out, it won’t stretch back.

  • Pros: Pull tab makes card storage ultra slim, great color selection
  • Cons: Won’t fit quite as many cards as it says (probably safe around 5-7 cards)

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07. Vaultskin Wallet

Vaultskin Wallet

The Vaultskin Manhattan Slim wallet is the ideal accessory for the well-dressed man. Nine (9) easy access slots. One (1) front card slot and eight (8) interior which will remain secure with the RFID protection. Manhattan’s intuitive design will allow all your cards/cash to be visible when you open the wallet so you do not need to waste time searching for them. Handcrafted in the world’s finest Italian leather this wallet screams luxury while still providing functionality.

  • Pros: Holds a lot and still stays slim
  • Cons: Cash isn’t convenient to take in and out, but doable

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08. Distil Union | Wally Sleeve

Distil Union | Wally Sleeve Card Case Wallet

The Distil Union Wally Sleeve Leather wallet can be utilized as your primary or secondary wallet depending on your traveling preferences for that day. Its ultra slim flex lock design allows up to 6 cards and cash to be stored securely in your front pocket. The staple Wally pull tab allows you to gain access to your most used cards with ease and the hand rolled edges are preferably more comfortable than the traditional square cut wallets. The Distill Union is always fashioned out of the finest genuine full grain leather and will provide a long lasting minimalist wallet you can count on.

  • Pros: Very practical and easy to use.  Great wallet for front pocket carry
  • Cons: Some have complained that the interior lining can separate after 12-18 months

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09. Rawlings Baseball Wallet

Rawlings Baseball Wallet

The Rawlings Baseball Stitch Leather Wallet is going to appeal to the fun loving sportsman in your life. Whether you are a baseball fan or not it will be hard not to admire the unique decorative stitching on this gorgeous vegetable tanned leather. This card case features two card slots on the front and a thumb-glide ID holder on the back, while the middle features a pocket perfectly sized for extra cards or cash.

  • Pros: Niche wallet for the baseball fan in your life
  • Cons: Not much room for cash

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10. The Sandlot Wallet by Made in Kansas City

The Sandlot Wallet

This wallet is perfect for the coach or baseball fan in your life.  Made in Kansas City products have been pleasing customers for years and the Sandlot wallet is no exception. The slim design fits comfortably in your front pocket. This wallet is an easy way for you stay organized and still carry all the important cards you need. It consists of two (2) card pockets, one on each side, for cards and cash. Downsize and upgrade with this stylish and exceptionally functional minimalist wallet.

  • Pros: “Baseball Field” opening allows for quick access to your cards, quality leather
  • Cons: Light on carrying cash (2-3 bills at most)

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11. Burkley Case

Burkley Case Wallet

Minimalist style has never looked as luxurious as the Burkley Case. This beautifully crafted card holder will only get nicer with age. 100% full grain leather. Six (6) easy access card slots. One (1) pocket for cash storage. The elegant and slim design will fit perfectly in your front or back pocket and the elastic wrap that engulfs the entire wallet ensures you that all cards are protected.

  • Pros: Great wallet for the price
  • Cons: Not made from full grain leather, so it doesn’t wear as well

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12. Jackson Wayne Wallet

Jackson Wayne Wallet

Every man should get the chance to experience a Jackson Wayne Leather wallet in his lifetime. The full grain vegetable tanned North American leather is uniquely constructed to be far superior to the “Genuine Leather” in most mass-market wallets. The Jackson Wayne has a pocket within pocket design to provide minimum bulk with maximum storage. You are able to store up to 6 cards and cash. Through innovative American engineering you can say goodbye to cheap and flimsy and hello to durable high end quality.

  • Pros: Made from full-grain leather, quality stitching
  • Cons: Not great for a ton of bills

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Minimalist Bifolds

13. The Big Skinny Hipster Bi-fold (Leather)

The Big Skinny Hipster Bi-fold Wallet

The Big Skinny Hipster Bi-fold has all the storage you need and yet it’s unbelievably thin design will have you checking to make sure you have it throughout the evening. Constructed of the finest top grain leather and microfiber interior, it holds (up to) 40 cards plus bills and allows storage in 3 deep card pockets with a clear ID slot for easy access. If you are a man living an active lifestyle and need a wallet to match, then please look no further.

  • Pros: Made from top-grain leather, card stacking design keeps wallet really slim
  • Cons: It’s a bit taller than your typical wallet and takes some getting use to

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14. Serman’s Slim Bifold

Serman's Slim Bifold

It’s made from genuine full grain leather and allows for storage of up to 8 cards. The innovative yet minimalist design allows for front pocket access to your most utilized cards and then 2 pockets inside. The pull tab capability ensures you will never even have to open the wallet to get immediate access to your information. If that wasn’t enough the wallet is equipped with RFID blocking technology to protect your most valuable information from outside signals.

  • Pros: Made from full-grain leather, pull tab makes easy access
  • Cons: Some customers have said that the leather rubs off on their cards, or messes with the magnetic strip

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15. Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet

A minimalist wallet list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning any one of several Bellroy wallets, but especially the Slim Sleeve.  Made of super quality, vegetable tanned leather.  The secret’s in the pull tab! For a full review, click here.

  • Pros: Made from top-grain leather, pull tab allows for easy access to most cards, super SLIM!
  • Cons: If you’re rough on wallets, the leather can wear a little easily

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16. Slimfold Minimalist Wallet

Slimfold Minimalist Wallet

The Slimfold Minimalist wallet delivers everything the modern man needs while keeping it simple. This micro size design can hold up to 8 cards while still being 3 times thinner than your average wallet. It is constructed from a durable soft-shell material which is proven to be more scrape resistant than leather so you will have a brand new wallet for years to come. It comes with three quick access slots and flat bill storage along with the RFID protection option for you to travel safe all over the world.  Did I mention 100% waterproof?

  • Pros: Waterproof, super durable, scratch resistant
  • Cons: Inserting cash can be a little weird because it doesn’t open up top like normal wallet

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17. Leopardd Men’s Wallet

Leopardd Men’s Wallet

The Leopardd Men’s wallet can be described as premium quality with strong durability for the man that needs a slim wallet that will outlast the rest. The Napa genuine leather offers a smooth finish along with the military grade RFID blockers to properly shield from electronic theft. 9 card slots including an ID window and money pocket for easy access to bills. The sleek black design reminds us that classic never goes out of style.

  • Pros: Made from full-grain leather, more of a traditional wallet – cards, ID, cash, etc..
  • Cons: Some customers complain it’s too slim?  Not sure what they expect…

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18. Big Skinny Men’s Curve

Big Skinny Men's Curve Wallet

Once you buy a Big Skinny wallet you will never go back to traditional bulky ones. The Men’s Curve offers a sleek curved design crafted from the finest full grain leather and the comfortably rounded corners will prevent wear and tear of everyday use. This ultra-thin bi-fold accommodates up to 20 cards with 3 card slots, 2 extra-large hidden pockets, full-sized billfold area, and ID slot. Big Skinny lines the inside of every wallet with the unique nylon microfiber material that will keep it feeling light and the rubber coating on each pocket means no more pesky cards sliding out.

  • Pros: Made from full-grain leather, rounded corners fit nicely in front pocket
  • Cons: If you have a lot of cards, it can be difficult to get them in and out

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19. Allet Slim Wallet

Allet Slim Wallet

The Allett can only be described as tough, yet stylish. Unlike your traditional bi-fold, the side by side pocket design crafted in Nappa leather allows for storage of up to 24 cards while still remaining slim enough to fit almost anywhere. Separate pockets for cash and receipts. Amazingly this wallet can hold up to 7 different types of currency, so the traveling business man will be pleased.

  • Pros: Fits up to 24 cards, cards won’t fall out when closed
  • Cons: Doesn’t fit well in back pocket

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20. FRYE Logan Wallet

FRYE Logan Wallet

Frye doesn’t just make boots!  The good news?  The same quality you’ve come to know and love in their boots, you can now experience in their carry products.  This wallet has high quality stitching, full grain leather and great functionality.  There are three (3) main card pockets and one larger pocket for bills, receipts, etc..  FYI, you can fit several cards in each pocket fairly easily.

  • Pros: Frye quality, will last a lifetime with proper care
  • Cons: No ID window

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21. Smathers & Branson Bifold

Smathers & Branson Bifold Wallet

This wallet is definitely more of a true bifold, but we wanted to include it on this list because it’s actually really slim.  It comes with six (6) card pockets and two stash pockets.  There are also two full length pockets for bills.

  • Pros: The hand-stitched needlepoint really makes this wallet stand out from the rest
  • Cons: Not as slim as some – more on the full feature side of things

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22. Bellroy Coin Fold

Bellroy Coin Fold Wallet

The Coin Fold stays true to Bellroy’s calling card – the “slim factor”, but is really quite functional.  The wallet features card pockets for up to eight (8) cards, although we don’t recommend carrying that many.  It also includes a full length bill pocket and a secure way to carry coins or loose change.

  • Pros: Bellroy quality and secure way to carry loose coins
  • Cons: If you don’t carry much “coinage” this wallet is not for you

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23. Saddleback Small Bifold

minimalist bifold wallet

This wallets packs a whole lot of quality into a small package.  It features 100% full grain leather, extra sturdy stitching, two card pockets (can fit multiple cards) and a long pocket for cash.

  • Pros: Impossible for cards to fall out when closed
  • Cons: If you carry a lot of cash, the wallet can get thick

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24. American Bench Craft Hammer Riveted Wallet

American Bench Craft Hammer Riveted Wallet

American Bench Craft prides themselves on making quality goods at a reasonable price point.  Their Hammer Riveted wallet is composed of one piece of leather, crafted together with rivets vs stitching.  Rivets won’t rust or come apart…period.  You can comfortably fit 4-6 cards.  (it will fit 8, but it gets tight)

  • Pros: Made from a single piece of leather = won’t fall apart
  • Cons: Not a cash heavy wallet, it’s possible to fold bills, but not if you carry more than 3-4 bills

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25. Rogue Industries – Front Pocket Wallet

Rogue Industries - Front Pocket Wallet

Rogue paved the way for front pocket carry.  Their wallets are literally made to fit in a front pants pocket.  The curvature allows the wallet to remain snug and secure as it follows the lining of the interior pocket. The wallet comfortably holds up to six (6) cards, your ID and some cash.  Their main wallet is made of top grain leather, but they also have a Bison Wallet.

  • Pros: High quality, stays snug in pocket, unique look
  • Cons: At 5″ long, it’s a bit longer than it looks in the pictures.

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26. Dynomighty Wallet

Dynomighty Wallet

Prepare for the Dynomighty Mighty wallet to be the lightest weight…yet long lasting wallet you will ever own. The high density Tyvek material is not only incredibly strong but also 100% ecofriendly. Water, tear and stain resistant. This bad boy has the ability to hold up to 30 cards due to its unique stitch less origami design in 6 different storage areas. Did we mention there is one for everyone in terms of artwork?

  • Pros: Hundreds of designs, can hold a lot while remaining slim
  • Cons: Not ideal for one (1) card in each pocket, need to put multiple cards to keep them secure

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27. Andar Apollo Wallet

Andar minimalist wallet

Next up on our list is the Andar Leather Slim Apollo wallet. Organizing your belongings and being able to minimize what you carry has never been easier. Holds up to 10 cards and the easy access pull tab will eject the specific card you need in seconds. In addition to that all Andar wallets has an ID window and easy access slot for your most utilized card so you never even have to open the wallet. The Apollo features a useful money clip to store additional cash and is equipped with RFID protection so you will remain safe and protected from outside scanners.  Check out our full review on Andar Wallets.

  • Pros: Full grain leather, tons of colors to choose from
  • Cons: The pull tab is elastic, wish it was leather

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28. Visconti TR-30

Visconti TR-30 Wallet

The Visconti TR-30 Classic Bi-Fold wallet is one that never disappoints if you are looking for all the classic details of a regular wallet but without the bulky mass. Its timeless style, gentle soft full grain leather, in a modern lavish color lends to its sophisticated look and design, which will be difficult to find in another wallet. 4 easy access slot, 2 banknote compartments, 2 pockets for bill storage and the Visconti even comes equipped with a coin purse for those who prefer cash over card.

  • Pros: Quality construction, coin pouch is really convenient
  • Cons: Can feel a little bulky if you stuff it too full

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29. Bellroy Note Sleeve

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

The Note Sleeve is the slimmest wallet for the functional buck on the list.  With room for up to ten (10) cards and full length bills, the Note Sleeve will slim down your pockets with having to compromise much of what you carry.  Oh, did we mention colors?

  • Pros: Traditional wallet function, but ultra slim
  • Cons:  If you are light on cash, then the Slim Sleeve is probably a better choice

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30. Access Denied Vegan Wallet

Access Denied Vegan Wallet

The Access Denied Vegan Leather wallet is picture-perfect for the gentleman who wants durability but also wishes to remain animal friendly. Vegan faux leather materials remain stain and fade resistant and will not retain moisture so cracked leather is a thing of the past. Not only are Access Denied wallets cruelty free but also come equipped with RFID protection technology. The bi-fold design has 6 easy card slots, flip up ID window, and a pocket for flat bill storage.

  • Pros: Great option for vegans who need a quality wallet
  • Cons: Not leather, but it’s still solid

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31. Carhartt Billfold

Carhartt Billfold

The Carhartt Men’s Billfold wallet is exactly what they say it is. Excellent quality and very well made. 100% full grain leather. 3 easy accessible cards slots and 2 side pockets for bill storage will make the Carhartt your go to wallet. The spine is reinforced to ensure durability and the embossed Carhartt logo adds an additional high end feel. This will make an awesome present for your man who enjoys to travel light yet stylish.

  • Pros: Solid construction, it’s a Carhartt
  • Cons: Leather is not as supple as most wallets…it’s a wallet made for guys who work hard

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32. Visconti TR-34

Visconti TR-34

Like its brother the TR- 30, the Visconti TR-34 Classic Wallet is going to offer a high quality innovative design while still remaining sleek and slim. The unique layout of the TR-34 allows this trifold wallet to snap closed into a bi fold to take up significantly less space. There is no way to not be impressed with all the features including 9 credit card slots, 3 ID windows, 2 compartments for bank notes, 2 slip in pockets, and s snap close coin purse. The gentle soft full grain leather adds the sophisticated feel you are looking for. Never before has something so practical been so eye-catching.

  • Pros: Slimmer option than its brother, the TR-30
  • Cons: Won’t handle more than 5-6 bills

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33. Corkor Vegan

Corkor Vegan Wallet

The Corkor’s Vegan Men’s slim wallet is the only wallet on the market made from genuine cork. Not only is this wallet 100% cruelty free but it also provides maximum storage with minimal space needed. This ecofriendly design has 8 cards slots 2 pockets for notes and bills and 2 for cash storage. By purchasing a Corkors you are able to take home a unique piece of nature that will outlast the elements as it is water, stain and scratch resistant.

  • Pros: Great option for our vegan friends out there
  • Cons: Not super slim when packed full

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34. Hill Burry Wallet

Hill Burry Wallet

It is time to treat yourself to something special with the World of Leather Hill Burry wallet. This vintage style designed wallet is crafted from the finest oiled cowhide leather so you are holding butter-soft quality in your hands and trust me you can feel the difference. Eight (8) card slots. Four (4) deep pockets and two (2) banknote compartments. There is also an ID pocket with a mesh cover to make the Hill Burry your go to wallet for all your needs in one slim layout.

  • Pros: Made from oil tanned leather, really durable, unique interior configuration
  • Cons: Not the slimmest on the list by any means, but still slim for what it is.

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35. The Parker by Moral Code

The Parker Minimalist Wallet

The Moral Code Parker Men’s wallet is the true gentleman’s accessory that will have you sorry you have to leave it in your pocket. The naturally thin profile is crafted in distressed brown leather or premium black calf leather depending on your preference. Every detail in this wallet is stitched to perfection. 4 easy access slots will allow for up to 10 cards to be stored so you can stay minimal yet classy.

  • Pros: Layout of the wallet makes it both slim and secure
  • Cons: Cards are difficult to get in and out at first

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36. Hill Burry (Bifold) Wallet

Hill Burry (Bifold) Wallet

The World of Leather is back again with the Hill Burry Men’s Bifold…similar to their full wallet mentioned above. Seven (7) easy access slots, 2 banknote compartments, 4 deep pockets for flat bill storage and now a convenient coin pocket. What more can you ask for?

  • Pros: Great functionality, still slim relatively speaking
  • Cons: The extra ID window makes it a bit thick

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37. Finelaer Tall Slim Wallet

Finelaer Tall Slim Wallet

The Finelaer Slim wallet offers high-end design, quality workmanship at a reasonable price. RFID protection is embedded in the full grain genuine cowhide leather. 11 card slots, 4 cash slots, 2 sim card slots, and 2 ID windows make the Finelaer one of the most functional wallets on the market while still maintaining a sleek thin design. All Finelaer wallets have a unique rustic outline to ensure no two are the same. High end quality with maximum function is exactly what you are getting with a Finelaer.

  • Pros: Made from full-grain leather, great slim option for breast pocket
  • Cons: “Long style” wallet, won’t easily fit in front pants pocket (blazer or suit jacket)

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38. The Vaultskin Notting

The Vaultskin Notting Wallet

The Vaultskin Notting Hill Slim Zip wallet is designed for the man that has more cards to carry but wishes to keep things small and compact. Italian Leather with sleek metal finishes will provide the luxurious feel you desire while still being long lasting and completely functional. RFID protection. 4 easy access slots on the outside and 6 additional card slots internally. The Vaultskin can also hold your cash and small amount of coins while stilling being small enough to fit in your front pocket with ease. The quick pull strap will allow instant access to 2 specific cards at your fingertips and traveling will never be easier.

  • Pros: Made from full-grain leather, more of a traditional wallet – cards, ID, cash, etc..
  • Cons: Most folks complain it’s too slim?  Not sure what they expect…

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39. TUMI Mason Wallet

TUMI Mason Wallet

Made from 100% crosshatched leather, this TUMI minimalist wallet features three (3) card pockets, an ID window and a roomy pocket for cash and receipts.  The tri-tone leather adds a element of sophistication.

  • Pros: TUMI Quality – extra tough crosshatched leather wears extremely well
  • Cons: Has the ability to hold A LOT…can feel overstuffed if you pack it out

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40. Green Banana Wallet

Green Banana Wallet

The Green Banana Paper Men’s Slim Bi fold may be the most unique wallet you own. Strictly because not only is it cruelty free but also composed of 100% plant-based paper forged from natural banana fibers. 6 card slots, 2 deep pockets, 1 flat bill storage compartment and an elastic closure make up this eco-friendly wallet. You will be reducing your carbon footprint like never before with a truly unique yet functional accessory.

  • Pros: Vegan, light-weight, very functional
  • Cons: Fairly new wallet, so the jury is still out

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41. Flowfold Vanguard

Flowfold Vanguard Wallet

The Flowfold Vanguard Slim Front Pocket wallet offers a super thin and light weight design that you have been searching for. The wallet is constructed from recycled sailcloth which is engineered to provide maximum strength to weight ratio. With 4 easy access slots and 1 deep pocket for cash the Flowfold can hold up to 16 cards. The unique material of this wallet mirrored with its minimalist layout is a sure conversation starter and will allow you to partake in any outdoor adventure with lightweight gear but durable protection.

  • Pros: Ultra light-weight, nearly indestructible
  • Cons: Credit card pockets are a little tight at first

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Custom Minimalist Wallets

42. Decadent Minimalist Wallet

Decadent Minimalist Wallet

These take slim carry to a whole new level.  Made from the highest quality aluminum or titanium, the DM1 will force you to really think about what you carry.  It does take some getting used to, but once you make the switch you’ll have a hard time carrying a traditional wallet again. It comes in 4, 8 and 12 card versions. Aluminum has eight color variations, while the titanium has four colors.

  • Pros: Ultra slim, extremely tough material(s), extremely light weight
  • Cons: Definitely takes some getting used to, committed to only carrying cards

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43. The Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet

The Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet

If you’ve never seen a speed wallet, you’re missing out. The whole idea behind it is that you never have to actually open it up completely. The way the bills are stored, they allow you the pull them out with the wallet only partially open.  The pull tabs up top allow for the same thing with the cards.  This little guy has all the functionality of a standard wallet, but in a super compact size.

  • Pros: Ultra slim, awesome functionality, fun wallet to use
  • Cons: Bills are tough to get in at first, takes some breaking in

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44. Calti Tactical EDC Wallet

Calti Tactical EDC Wallet

Calti wallets are made from 100% pure titanium, which makes them really lightweight (2 oz).  The titanium plates are held in place by an elastic cord which makes it really adjustable.  The back plate includes an integrated money clip for your cash.  We really like the simplicity of the Calti.

  • Pros:  Wallet is SOLID and really lightweight
  • Cons:  Surprisingly, you actually need 2-3 bills for the money clip to work.

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45. Pitaka Carbon Fiber

minimalist slim wallet

We like this wallet because of its modular functionality.  You can scale it up or shrink it down, based on how many cards you typically carry.  It’s also got a great internal money clip for cash.

  • Pros: Modular design makes it easy to customize
  • Cons: There is a chance it will demagnetize cards that don’t have chips

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46. Crabby Wallet

crabby minimalism wallet

The non-traditionalist still deserves to keep things minimal and the Crabby Gear wallet has provided just that! It is constructed from 100% elastic material to allow for maximum durability. The elastic band keeps up to 10 cards, cash, and even your phone securely in place. There are no unnecessary flaps or pockets to maximize traveling light and each Crabby Wallet includes a lobster claw key chain so you can take your wallet virtually anywhere.

  • Pros: Extremely lightweight, keeps cards secure
  • Cons: Elastic will stretch over time if you “over-stuff” it.

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47. Ranger Minimalist Wallet w/ Multi-tool

Ranger Minimalist Wallet w/ Multi-tool

This is one of the smallest wallets on the entire list.  Barely larger than a credit card, this wallet can hold up to eight (8) cards and some cash.  It also includes a multi-tool that features a bottle opener, 1/4″ driver, wrench set and flat head screwdriver.

  • Pros: Size and multi-tool
  • Cons: Cards are tough to get out if you fill it with the full eight (8) cards

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48. Nomatic Wallet (Basics)

Nomatic Wallet (Basics)

The NOMATIC Men’s Basics wallet allows stress-free access to all your cards while still managing to maintain a slim profile. The medical grade elastic allows for storage of up to 15 cards and the genuine leather pull tab grants you immediate access to your 4 most used cards. How much easier can it get? The built in pocket provides extra storage for cash, coins or keys. The NOMATIC Basic’s wallet can appeal to your classy or causal side with its convenient features and a variety of colors to choose from.

  • Pros: Just .6 oz by itself – about a 1/3 the weight of most slim wallets
  • Cons: Pull tab shows signs of fraying after a year of use

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Exentri TriFold Wallet

Exentri TriFold Wallet

This is our only trifold wallet on the list, but it made the list because even so…it stays slim!  It fits five (5) cards and a few bills lengthwise.   We also like the clasp that keeps the wallet closed and secure. *The wallet comes in a ton of different colors as well.

  • Pros: Unique functionality, quick access holes on both sides are very convenient
  • Cons: Although it is a trifold, it doesn’t hold the same amount as a typical trifold (this is actually a pro)

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50. Jaimie Jacobs Magic Wallet

Jaimie Jacobs Magic Wallet

We’ll admit this wallet may not be for everyone, but it packs a lot of functionality.  Most magic wallets don’t exhibit quite this much in terms of card storage, easy access, etc..

  • Pros: Quality product, unique functionality, great color selection
  • Cons: Functionality takes some getting used to

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51. Flipside Wallet

Flipside Wallet

The Flipside is one tough little wallet. It will handle eight (8) cards and ten (10) bills with ease.  It’s made in the USA of highly durable poly and aircraft grade aluminum.  The wallet will automatically click/lock closed when you shut it to keep your stuff secure.

  • Pros:Definitely unique, holds more than other wallets, but stays the same size because of its design
  • Cons: Doesn’t stretch, so it will hold eight cards…that’s it.

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52. Ekster Wallets

Ekster Wallets

This little wallet is innovative, both in terms of “carry” functionality and also practicality.  The quick release mechanism is what steals the show.  It makes for easy access to you cards as they’re fanned out when you click the release button.  The practical part?  You’ll never lose your wallet again!  The Ekster wallet comes with a TrackR card which will make sure you’re never more than 100 ft away from your wallet again.  See our full review HERE.

  • Pros: Made from full-grain leather, more of a traditional wallet – cards, ID, cash, etc..
  • Cons: Most folks complain it’s too slim?  Not sure what they expect…

Get It <—— The Senate Version

Get It <—— The Parliament Version

53. Secrid Slimwallet

Secrid Slimwallet

The Secrid is similar to the Ekster mentioned above, except you can carry more cards in the mechanism department.  It will fit up to six (6) cards, while the Ekster will fit four (4).  They both fan out the cards for easy access with the click of a button.  Check out our entire Secrid Wallet Review!

  • Pros: Super small, roughly the size of a deck of cards
  • Cons: Not very accommodating to the “cash carrier”

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54. Distil Union Wally Micro

Distil Union Wally Micro minimalist wallet

If you are looking to simplify your everyday life in one sleek, tiny package then the Distil Union Wally Micro wallet is ideal. Everything you need can be conveniently stored in your front pocket with its remarkably slim design. The elastic bands allow you to store up to 10 cards or utilize the leather pull tab to gain access to a specific one. The Wally Micro is crafted from premium natural full grain leather that is uniquely reversible if the mood suits you. This particular wallet is NFC compatible so no more having to remove the card for tap to pay or ID entry.

  • Pros: Perfect size for a minimalist wallet – great fit for front pocket
  • Cons: Don’t overstuff the wallet, as the band will wear out sooner than expected.

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Get It <—— Distil Union Original

55. ACM Wallet

ACM Wallet

It is time to change the way you carry your cards and cash with the ACM Wallet Credit Card Holder. This innovative device keeps your cards distinctively separated, protects the data strip and no more scratching! The ACM has an overall brushed chrome finished along with a rubberized coating that remains smooth to the touch. The easy push button feature allows immediate access to the specific card you are searching for. Organize 5 cards within the slots and store up to 20 additional bills and 4-5 business cards in the money clip. ACM is truly the future of wallets.

  • Pros: Innovative design, keeps card organized
  • Cons: Not advised to carry in back pocket

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56. Trayvax Contour Minimalist

Trayvax Contour Minimalist Wallet

If you are looking for the perfect minimalist wallet then you won’t do much better than the Trayvax Contour Minimalist. It’s a small, rock solid little wallet. The Trayvax will outlast most all the others with the stainless (cold rolled) steel & aluminum frame. All materials have been sourced and manufactured directly in the USA. Up to seven (7) cards can be stored along with five (5) bills while still remaining slim and so discreet you will forget you have it in your pocket. We compared it to other metal wallets here.

  • Pros: Virtually indestructible, lightweight, slim profile
  • Cons: Takes some getting used to “function” wise

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57. Trove Slim Wallet

Trove Slim Wallet

The modern man deserves the Trove Slim Wallet and Card Holder for his minimalist needs. 100% full grain Tuscan leather and handcrafted from England’s finest artisans. This wallet has maximum space utilized in a compact size. Holds up to 15 cards with snap resistant material to ensure no lost belongings. The Trove comes equipped with 3 separate pockets to organize your cash, cards, receipts, photos, IDs, etc.

  • Pros: Stays small but can carry A LOT
  • Cons: Have to fold bills twice to make them fit

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58. Radix Slim Element

Radix Slim Element Card CaseIntroducing the Radix Element Slim wallet for maximizing versatility and sleek minimal travel for your everyday life. The innovative slim design holds both cards & cash in a modern, eye-catching layout that’s thinner than traditional bi fold wallets. The Radix Element has a luxe walnut and black aluminum finish to provide clean lines. What’s new is a reinforced band and anchor system that’s been specially designed to stand up to the rigors of daily use. The wallet includes two bands for all your carrying needs; one for 4-10 cards, another for 10+ cards and cash.

  • Pros: Durable and slim – we really like the wood finish
  • Cons: No replacement bands

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59. Infinity Wallet

Infinity Wallet

Traveling as light as possible has never been easier than with the Infinity wallet. Made from 100% elastic this wallet will ensure all your cash and cards are securely held in place. 2 pockets are available to store up to 10 cards and still slim enough to fit unnoticeably in your front or back pocket. Super light, thin and durable makes the Infinity wallet the perfect choice for the minimalist in your life.

  • Pros: Excellent price point, true minimalist style
  • Cons: Won’t last forever, but the price point makes it a no brainer

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60. Secrid Twin Wallet

Secrid Twin Wallet

We did a full review on Secrid here, but the short version is this: it’s a super slim wallet with a really cool “card fan” mechanism that allows quick access to the EXACT card you need…quickly.

  • Pros: Card mechanism makes card access seamless, easily carries 12-14 cards but stays slim
  • Cons: The Twin Wallet is thicker than the Slimwallet (you can still carry easily in your front pocket)

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61. Nornot Keyring Wallet

Nornot Keyring Wallet

The Nornot Keyring Wallet really gets the idea of minimalist carry.  It features six card pockets and a zippered compartment for bills.

  • Pros: The idea is great – convenient to always to be connected to your keys
  • Cons: A bit larger than we’d hoped for…

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62. i-Clip Carbon Fiber

carbon fiber minimalist wallet

The i-Clip Carbon Fiber will take care of all your needs in one tiny package. The tough, durable wallet can hold up to twelve (12) cards comfortably along with a money clip for additional bills. The I-Clip is compact, neat and classy, and virtually like no other wallet on the market. With its state of the art high tech resin called robutense- the wallet is scratch resistant and extremely flexible but still weighs less than an AA battery!

  • Pros: Weighs less than a small battery, yet functional
  • Cons: Won’t hold a ton of cash/bills

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63. Walletology Card Holder

Walletology Card Holder

Carbon Fiber is the name of the game with this wallet. Two CF plates are held together with a simple elastic band.  The notch in the bottom of the plates makes for easy access to cards.

  • Pros: Ultra light-weight, durable (also looks cool)
  • Cons: Won’t hold more than about 8 cards comfortably

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64. Pelican Micro Sport ProGear Liner

Pelican Micro Sport ProGear Liner Wallet

The Pelican Micro Sport Wallet ProGear Liner is a mouthful but don’t let that stop you from getting this awesome little wallet that a perfect addition for any outdoorsman. The innovative design allows you to venture with this wallet almost anywhere. It’s crush proof, 100% water resistant, equipped with mesh pocket organization and will float should you decided to jump in with it! Not only does the Pelican provide storage for up to 6 cards but also cash, cellular phones and keys will fit perfectly in its trim design. The unique 360 degree seal will put you at ease on your next trip knowing that all your belongings are safe and secure.

  • Pros: Crush proof and floats!
  • Cons: A little small if you’re carrying more than a few cards and bills

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65. The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet best Minimalist wallet

Last, but certainly not least, the Ridge Wallet.  Here’s our complete Ridge Wallet Review..  You’ll notice that this one is on several of our lists because it’s one of our favorite wallets.  (My spouse and I both carry this wallet personally) It’s just so simple that once you start using it, you won’t go back to a standard wallet.  Realistically, you can fit up to 10 cards.  You can fit more, but we just don’t recommend it.  Although the elastic is replaceable, who wants to stretch it out with 14 cards then constantly have to worry about when it’s going to lose its stretch??

  • Pros: Super slim, super simple, super functional
  • Cons: Takes a few days to get used to it…it’s not your normal wallet

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Minimalist Money Clips

66. Carbon Fiber Co. Money Clip

Carbon Fiber Co. Money Clip

Simple carbon fiber money clip that will actually last longer than 6 weeks.

  • Pros:  Real carbon fiber, lightweight
  • Cons:  Lacks functionality of some of the more complex money clips

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67. Tokens & Icons Buffalo Nickel Wallet

Tokens & Icons Buffalo Nickel Wallet

This thing is just cool.  It’s a money clip/card holder combo with an ACTUAL buffalo nickel integrated into the wallet. We can see history buffs carrying a wallet like this one.

  • Pros: Historical concept, functional as well
  • Cons: It worries us that the nickel might fall out, but we’ve seen no indication of this so far

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68. Speidel Money Clip

 Speidel Money Clip

This Money Clip by Spediel is inspired by those old binder clips.  Strong enough to hold a single bill, but wide enough to hold up to 75 bills, plus cards and more.

  • Pros:  Definitely for someone who is a cash carrier – can easily hold 10+ bills with little effort
  • Cons:  Needs 5-7 bills to hold them securely in place

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69. Oakley Money Clip

Oakley Money Clip

The Oakley Money Clip has the same quality that you find in their famous sunglasses.  It’s simple, but it works well and feels great in your pocket.

  • Pros:  Really lightweight, strong and….cool looking
  • Cons:  Not about to use the bottle opener without removing all of your cards and bills

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70. Tightwad Money Clip

Tightwad Money Clip

Really strong money clip with a cool opening in the middle – it allows for quick access!

  • Pros: Lightweight, aperture makes getting cards and cash easy
  • Cons:  Not about to use the bottle opener without removing all of your cards and bills

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71. IVAR Wallet by House of Jack

IVAR Wallet by House of Jack

House of Jack would like to present its latest handcrafted beauty…The IVAR ID wallet. This genuine full grain leather bi-fold will be ideal for any man searching for the perfect front pocket wallet. 6 interior card slots. 2 interior pockets and 1 exterior card slot. The strong magnetic money clip will accommodate up to 10 folded bills making retrieving quick access to cash a breeze. The HOJ IVAR allows you to have the versatility of a slim bi-fold while still enjoying the practicality of a money clip.

  • Pros: Made from full-grain leather, nice combination of wallet and money clip
  • Cons: Not quite as slim as some on this list, magnet could be stronger if you carry a lot of cash

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72. M-Clip Ultralight Aluminum Money Clip

M-Clip Ultralight Aluminum Money Clip

Quite simply, M-Clip makes the highest quality money clip on the market.  It is made in the USA out of the finest anodized aluminum available.  We like the fact that it will fit up to seven (7) cards and ten (10) bills, yet still keep the secure tension that you need in a quality money clip.

  • Pros:  This is their lightest version, but they also make a steel version which is super strong
  • Cons: It’s not totally waterproof, the carbon fiber grips can come loose if you drop it into liquid

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73. Leatherology Money Clip Bifold

minimalist money clip wallet

We really like this wallet because it combines the best of both a money clip and bifold, yet it’s still simple.  Leatherology makes very quality wallets and this one is no exception. Holds 4-5 cards and cash.

  • Pros: Multi-functional with money clip and bifold
  • Cons: No magnet on the money clip, but some customers prefer that

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74. HOJ Deacon ID

HOJ Deacon ID Wallet

If you are a man that prefers to go about his day with only the essentials then the House of Jack Deacon ID wallet should be your next purchase. The minimal multi-card design offers nine (9) easy access slots. Six (6) interior card slots, two (2) interior pockets and an additional card slot on the outside with ID window. Each HOJ Deacon wallet comes equipped with an antique silver money clip for immediate access to bills. The wallet itself is handcrafted in the finest full grain leather which provides excellent quality in a thin package.

  • Pros: Functionality of both money clip and wallet
  • Cons: Easy to overload, which can make it a bit thick

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75. Bosca Men’s Money Clip

Bosca Men’s Money Clip

The Bosca Men’s Money Clip allows minimal travel in its simplest form. This magnetic money clip wallet is made out of old fine leather and features a simple, yet elegant design. The magnetic pull in the clip is of maximum strength so your bills will always remain in place whether they are stored in the front or back pocket. The Bosca Money Clip is a new stylish alternative to your basic metal one.

  • Pros: Great price, ages well
  • Cons: Magnets could be a little stronger

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We hope you enjoyed looking through our favorite minimalist wallets. Some of the links above are affiliate links. All that means is that we get a small commission if you click on any of the links (and purchase the wallet).  It costs you nothing, but we just want to make you aware of it.  We appreciate your support!

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