The Most Unique Wallets in 2020

Leather, vinyl, cotton–these are the usual suspects. The weirdest material most of us think of when it comes to wallets might be duct tape. But these wallets prove that almost anything can be crafted into or repurposed as a wallet.


Recycled Firefighter, The Fire Hose Sergeant

This unique front pocket wallet is made from real decommissioned fire hose so it is tough! As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve sewn it together with T-90 nylon thread, which has a 15lb breaking point, and edged it with 1 inch of Mil-Spec nylon binding. And while this wallet is super strong, it’s also super slim, making it an easy front pocket carry. It holds between 4 and 8 cards (depending on the tightness of the hose from which it’s made) and includes a money clip for trifolded bills. Because fire hoses come in so many different shades, there’s nine color options to choose from, edged in either black or camo print.

SlimFold Minimalist Wallet

SlimFold wasn’t satisfied with the materials already on the market, and certainly didn’t want to use bulky leather for a slim everyday carry. So they just developed their own material: Soft Shell. Combining the properties of KevlarⓇ and GORE-TEXⓇ, this wallet feels a bit like a ski jacket. More scratch resistant and 2-3 times thinner than a traditional leather wallet, the Minimalist holds up to 20 cards in its quad-fold design. It’s also waterproof and machine washable!

Flowfold Vanguard Limited Slim Front Pocket Wallet

Like SlimFold, Flowfold took a lesson from outdoor gear when designing this wallet, which is made from sailcloth. Water-resistant and durable, sailcloth is exceedingly slim and lightweight. This wallet is roughly the thickness of two credit cards and weighs about as much as three sheets of paper! That’s when it’s empty, of course. But don’t be fooled; this wallet holds a ton: between 10 and 16 cards in its four card slots (two with ID windows) and a nice wad of cash in its bill sleeve.

Kinzd Slim Wallet Front Pocket Wallet

Got a vegan in your life that misses his leather wallet? Or maybe you’re just looking for a lighter, slimmer option than a leather card holder. This wallet from Kinzd is made of cork fabric, also known as “vegan leather.” Developed from red wine corks, the material is light but durable, and the wallet sports six card slots, one ID window, and a sleeve for trifolded bills. Not a huge fan of cork? Never fear: Kinzd makes this sleek model in standard leather, too.


Harvey’s Men’s Billfold

Looking for new ways to incorporate recycled goods into your life? This wallet is a stylish place to start. Made from recycled plastic bottles (interior) and seat belts (exterior), this sturdy wallet has 4 card slots and an ID window as well as a cash sleeve. Super light and super durable, it’s also small enough for a front pocket carry, clocking in at 4 by 3.5 inches.

Pioneer, The Ion Wallet

Made from 10XD™ ripstop fabric and Futureform™ molded technology, this is the wallet of the 21st century. Holding 6-8 cards in a sleek, minimalist design, the Ion Wallet is both waterproof and machine washable. The future is here, you guys. We love the reflective black and white square tiled pattern (also available in blue and monochrome black!), but we also love the slimness. No bulk here. But neither its stylish design nor its slim profile mean that this is a whimpy wallet. In addition to being waterproof, it features 4 reinforcement bartacks that make it extra durable.

Slim Timber, Wood Wallet

Just when you thought you’d seen everything in the world of slim wallets, this model from Slim Timber lives up to the company’s moniker. Made from a single piece of either handpicked maple or walnut hailing from Boise, Idaho, this wallet is designed to hold up to 8 cards and cash while being only ¾ of an inch thick. The wood has been handcrafted and was designed to withstand everything from daily to rugged activities without breaking down. Slim Timber has finished this wallet with a genuine leather strap to keep all your valuables secure.

Stewart/Stand Tri-Fold

Stainless Steel Textile. Yes, you read that right. Stewart/Stand has created a wallet that combines the flexibility of fabric with the strength of stainless steel. And it looks great, too. Made from 85% post-consumer recycled materials and reinforced with ballistic nylon, this durable wallet has six card pockets that hold 6-12 cards, 2 “stash” pockets, an ID window, and a bill sleeve. As if its eco-friendly composition isn’t already enough, the Tri-Fold is also 100% recyclable and 100% vegan.


EZGO Wallet

Surfer? Swimmer? Need a wallet that floats? EZGO’s wallet is lightweight–only 24 grams–and floats! Made from 100% recyclable materials, this wallet is also super eco-friendly. It holds up to eight cards, four on each side of the frame, with cash folded in half in the center. This thing is super thin at only 16mm thick when filled with cards. Because it’s one solid unit, there’s less risk of wear and tear, as well. And it comes in five great colors: black, neon green, blue, red, and neon orange.


Ducti Super Duct Tape Trifold Wallet

Do you remember that one high school friend who made a wallet out of duct tape? He’s got nothing on this super cool model from Ducti. Using a trifold design, this wallet is made from 100% duct tape, making it incredibly durable and secure. The wallet secures with two snaps and has a carabiner hole, as well. It’s also especially slim, all while holding a good number of cards and cash. Also, because it’s made of duct tape, this is also 100% vegan-friendly.



NOMATIC has a clever pull-tab design that gives you incredibly easy access to four cards. Merely fanning the rest will give you access to your those you use less. Its design keeps it slim, but also leaves room for 15 cards and cash, coins, and even a key in an additional pocket, all without disrupting the slim profile. It’s made from medical grade elastic and the pull-tab is genuine leather. NOMATIC has double stitched the inseam, as well, making it extra durable.


ProStyleSports, Genuine Football Leather Bifold Wallet

Got a football fan in your life? Get him this wallet, made from a real pigskin. The front sports the laces for an unmistakable look. It holds up to sixteen cards in its eight credit card slots, as well as a generous amount of cash in a money pouch. Everyone will be asking you where you got such a cool, unique wallet. For a bit extra, you can also get this wallet with a transparent ID holder to make sure you’re organized and ready to go. Not a football fan? Don’t worry: ProStyleSports still has a wallet for you. With everyday carry options in basketball and baseball leather as well, every sports fan is covered.


Magpul Industries Daka Essential Wallet

Made from reinforced polymer fabric, Magpul Industries’ Daka Wallet holds 3-7 credit cards and cash in its 3mm thin frame. Its slimness makes it perfect for front pocket carry. The reinforced polymer fabric has an anti-slip texture, but it’s also extremely flexible, so if you do carry it in your back pocket, it will mold to you and not cause discomfort. It’s rounded edge design also helps in this department. With contrasting black and olive tones, it looks as good as it works.

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