The Best Long Wallets Guide for Guys (Updated 2020)

guys long wallets
[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]In this guide we will answer all of your questions in regards to the best long wallets for men. We’ll take a closer look at what a long billfold is, what are some of the other names that it’s called, and why would you even consider carrying a long wallet?

The Best Breast Pocket Wallets Online

We looked far and wide to come up with the 15 Best Long Wallets on the market. Our table below will compare them across style, brand, card capacity and price point.  We did this because we know that wallets aren’t a “one size” fits all.



Card Slots

Price Range










Ariat (Patriot)



House of Jack






Armani Exchange









Over Under









Maxwell Scott



Michael Kors






$10 – $49

Ariat Distressed Rodeo Vertical Walletdistressed-long-wallet

This wallet is great for someone who enjoys a western-styled wallet. The distressed leather looks great out of the box and will continue to age well. The wallet has a clever design with multilayered leathers across the front and back. Color-wise, it’s made of various shades of brown and taupe.

The wallet comes with 12 card slots as well as a clear ID window. There are two different pockets to carry cash longways, remember you don’t have to fold it.

itslife Vintage Long Wallet


This wallet is a great value on our list. It also comes in a vintage, distressed style leather. It’s made of a full-grain cow leather which is mint oil tanned. Although oil tanning isn’t the nicest way to tan a leather wallet, it will still hold up well.

Functionality-wise the wallet comes with 11 card slots, a zippered pouch for coins, a clear ID window and full-length pockets for your cash.

Carhartt Oil Rodeo Bifold


The rodeo wallet from Carhart is a bit different than the previous ones on our list. It doesn’t have quite as many card slots, but it has an awesome pocket for carrying cash. The majority of the wallet is made of genuine leather, but it has a canvas style liner for extra durability.

Get it HERE.

Ariat Patriot Long Rodeo Wallet


This is definitely a wallet made for a true American patriot. Super tough leather and canvas make up the exterior facing of the wallet. The canvas really makes this wallet stand out. It comes in a Digital Camo that corresponds with the color of the leather – black, brown, or green. The top of the wallet is also set with an American flag emblem that stands out nicely against the leather.

The interior of this wallet really sets itself apart as well. The wallet features 17 card slots, two cash pockets, as well as a clear plastic ID window.

House of Jack Long Bifold


This wallet by house of Jack really rounds out the first five wallets on our list perfectly. It also comes in a vintage distressed leather across three different colors – black, brown and tan.

The wallet features nine card slots on the inside as well as the ID window for your drivers license. Across from the card slots, the main cash slide compartment is great for carrying your bills without folding. Underneath the card slots there are for additional storage pockets for receipts, etc.

$50 – $99

Fossil Executive Tall Wallet

executive tall wallet

This long wallet from fossil is a step up from the ones above. The leather itself is supple and soft, definitely quality. It comes in two colors, brown or black. You really have to hold this wallet to appreciate the quality of leather…definitely a winner.

We really like the interior of this wallet because it keeps things simple. It comes with seven card slots, a zipper pocket, one long bill pocket and one ID window.

Armani Exchange Yen Long Wallet

armani vertical long wallet

A long wallet list would be complete without one from or money. The Armani exchange brand simply exudes quality and style. This particular wallet comes in one color, dark brown. It’s comprised of 100% leather which is the pebbled style. This is another wallet you really have to hold to appreciate how great the leather feels. It is set up to age extremely well.

On the inside this wallet has a ton of places to put your cards. There are 14 total card slots, as well as to stash pockets for your bills and a zippered pouch for change and other loose items.

Overall this is a fantastic wallet that anyone would appreciate.

Diesel 24 a Day Long Wallet

Diesel Long Bifold

Diesel knows style, plain and simple. Their long wallet stays true to their style. Made from dark black leather, the wallet almost has an accordion style opening which allows for carrying plenty of cash during a night out on the town.

Including eight card slots, there’s plenty of room for at least 16 cards.  All you need to do is double-up the cards in each pocket.

The wallet features a no closure system.  Basically, what this means is that the wallet itself will naturally want to close when not in use.  There’s no magnetic or snap style closure.  The no closure style is what you see on higher end wallets.

Pratt Vintage Leather Long Billfold

tall wallet

This beautiful wallet by Pratt is crafted from oil tanned, rustic looking letter. This premium quality, top grain cow leather is made to age gracefully over time. You can count on developing a beautiful patina with this wallet.

This long billfold comes packed with tons of features. The wallet itself is 4″ x 7″. On the inside it comes with two separate ID windows. Moving along you will find to billed pockets for full-length bills. There’s plenty of room for your cash. The wallet also includes eight card slots and a hidden zipper pocket. This is probably the most functional wallet on the entire list.

“The Traveler” by Over Under

long style wallet

Quality meets unique style in this beautiful billfold. Featuring genuine bridal weather, the stitching is beautiful and the wallet is set up to develop a rich patina over time. The oiled finish of this awesome American leather makes this wallet something you can be proud of.

On the interior, you’ll find four angled card slots that will easily hold up to 10 cards. There’s a place for your checkbook, which is hidden. You’ll also notice a separate cash pocket to store all your bills longways. Like the previous wallets on this list, there is a clear ID window for easy access.

This wallet comes with all the details. Beautiful stitching as well as their signature logo on the inside. Over under products are 100% made in the USA.


Bosca Coat Pocket Wallet

bosca long wallet

A nice men’s blazer needs a nice man’s wallet. Bosca has you covered here. There wallet is vertically crafted to fit perfectly into your breast pocket inside your jacket. It has enough features to fit everything you’ll need, but you won’t even feel it inside your coat.

Leather wise, Bosca takes this to a whole new level. The vegetable tanned wallet is made from their signature old leather. A rich patina and classic look are both things you can expect.

The wallet is unique first and foremost because of its currency well at the top feature. Simply put, you can access your bills from the top of the wallet without having to open it up so. Other features include five card slots as well as for stash pockets. The overall dimensions of the wallet are roughly 6.5″ x 3.75″.

MCM Coburg Long Bifold Wallet

long green wallet

The Coburg wallet is really quite simple. It’s made of a timeless design, with plenty of room for all of your goods. The wallet itself features 10 card slots, which can accommodate up to 20 cards easily. Most people won’t carry near this many. There are two cash pockets which allow you to carry your bills vertically.

The unique thing about this wallet is also its phone pocket which fits the iPhone X or excess models easily. Other phones can fit inside as well, you’ll just need to check the dimensions.

Maxwell Scott – Vertical Wallet for Men

open long wallet vertically

Maxwell Scott is the perfect brand for the modern jet. This wallet comes packed with plenty of places for all your cards as well as bills and receipts. The wallet can fit snugly in your blazer front pocket or a briefcase as well.

The wallet has 12 card slots as well as two hidden pockets for places to stash receipts and other cards. There is a section or bills and or receipts. Make note that bills fold inward in this wallet when closed. The overall dimensions of the wallet are roughly 6″ x 4″.

The wallet is handcrafted in Italy. It comes in three different leathers – Classico, Croco and Soft Grain.

The Classico is a full grain, vegetable tanned leather. It’s it comes in two different Brown’s as well as a black finish.

The Crocco is a synthetic crocodile leather. Don’t let that scare you, the quality is still over the top. Color wise, it also comes into brown variations as well as a black color.

The Soft Grain is a supple, luxurious leather finish. It will not age the same as the vegetable tanned leather, but it is soft out of the gates. This also comes in to browns and one black finish.

Michael Kors Tech Zip Around Wallet

long zipper wallet

The zip around wallet is a little different style than what we’ve seen so far. A zipper encloses the wallet to keep all of your contents secure.

Inside, the wallet features eight card slots and want to clear ID window. There is also a bill compartment to allow cash vertically.

RFID blocking technology protects the entire wallet. The overall dimensions of the wallet are roughly 8″ x 4″.

Some people might even find the wallet large enough to keep their phone inside…definitely worth a shot.

Tumi Alpha SLG Breast Pocket Wallet


The last wallet on our list is from an old faithful, Tumi. Tumi makes extremely high-quality “carry” products. That includes bags, briefcases and luggage.  This wallet is no exception.

This is one of the only non-leather wallets on our list. It’s made from a ballistic nylon that is similar to Kevlar. The overall dimensions of the wallet are roughly 4″ x 7.5″.

The wallet really packs in the features, with 14 card slots, a couple of stash pockets, as well as a place for your bills. There is a zipper pouch as well for loose change and other valuables.

Every to me wallet comes or if ID protected, which is definitely valuable when traveling.

What exactly is a long wallet?

We’ve all heard of it, but what is a long wallet? In its simplest form, a long wallet is a vertical style wallet that allows cash to be carried flat without being folded. It’s really as simple as that.

what is a long walletThese billfolds were originally made popular by motorcyclists who wanted a longer style wallet with easy to access cash, but with a chain attached to keep the wallet secure. These chain style wallets are still popular today, but the long wallet has evolved and is now appreciated by other groups as well.

Nowadays these wallets (although still carried by bikers) can be seen being carried by business professionals in the business world. The reason for this is that they fit so cleanly in a breast pocket of a sport coat.  It really helps to eliminate the bulk when carrying.

Cowboys or “western style” guys also carry long wallets, often emblazoned with various badges or other rivets…it gives them a westernized look.

The point is this, whether you are a cowboy or a biker…or somewhere in between, a long wallet is a viable option for you. They come in materials such as leather, canvas, and even Kevlar…more on that later.

What are men’s long wallets called?

Well, these wallets are actually called…wait for it…long wallets. That said, I’ve seen them called breast pocket wallets, suit wallets, even checkbook wallets. Although the latter I disagree with. A checkbook wallet is designed to carry a checkbook, while a long wallet is more of a preference as to the way you carry your bills…longways.  You may also see the term vertical wallet or tall wallet when shopping.

  • Long Wallet
  • Breast Pocket Wallet
  • Coat Wallet
  • Tall Wallet
  • Vertical Wallet
  • Checkbook Wallet
  • Suit Wallet

Why Carry One?

Accessing Cash is Easy

There are a ton of reasons that a long wallet makes sense. Because of the elongated shape of the wallet, the the user can carry cash longways without the need to be folded. This makes accessing the cash extremely easy, especially if you carry a lot of cash. When you are digging through 50s, 20s, tens and ones, having them all accessible makes life much easier.

Long Wallets = Modern Gentleman

Another reason that people like to carry long wallets, or simply because there is an elegant nature to them. When someone reaches into their breast pocket and pulls out a long wallet, there is an air of sophistication to that. As we jump down into the actual wallets themselves, you’ll notice that a lot of really high-end brands make long wallets. It’s definitely a fashion statement

Long Wallets are Easy to Access

Because of the tall nature of the wallet itself, it is easily accessible from your back pocket. Some people might find this to be a bad thing, but for those who attach chains to their wallets, it makes accessing them much easier.

Long Wallets are Slim

Tall wallets are also much slimmer than their short wallet companions. The contents themselves are able to be spread out over a greater surface area which makes the wallet itself thinner.

Make Sure You’re Careful

Like we mentioned above, the wallets will stick out of the top of your back pocket. This can be an invitation for pick pockets to grab and go…so definitely good reason to be careful.

They’re Not for the Minimalist

There also not exactly what we would call minimalist wallets. They aren’t really designed to be carried in a front shirt pocket or a front pants pocket. You’ll have to be comfortable carrying the wallet in your back pocket, or sport coat pocket, if you want to give one of the the styles a go.

We’ve looked at the best long wallets for men across all different price points, styles, and functionality. We hope this comprehensive list will help you when you’re deciding on which long billfold wallet is right for you.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]

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