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The BEST Carbon Fiber Wallets Online…Period.

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These are the Best Carbon Fiber Wallets Online.

Carbon fiber wallets just exude so many qualities that you want in your carry goods.  Luxury, quality, strength & durability are just a few of the things that make “carbon fiber” the perfect material for creating a really cool wallet. What the makers below have done are taken the things mentioned above and crafted them into really modern looking, crazy functional, awesome ways to “carry”.  This list is updated for Christmas 2018, but will be continuously updated with the latest and greatest that we can find anywhere.

Before we dive in to the wallets themselves, let’s take a quick look at the material known as carbon fiber.  You can find carbon fiber in everything nowadays – from musical instruments to shoes (even wallets).  Like we mentioned above, the reason for this is that it’s such a multifaceted material that’s not only cool, but really practical.

  • There are two main advantages to using it for any application – strength and weight.  Because of the way that the carbon “fibers” are woven together, they get stronger as the tension increases.  Meaning, instead of trying to pull apart, they bond together.
  • The fibers themselves are micrometers in size, meaning that you can put thousands, even millions, of fibers together and they’re still virtually weightless.
  • The material itself is also extremely resistant to both temperature and chemicals.  Why is the relevant to our application?  Have you ever left your wallet in the car on a hot, sunny day?  Have you ever spilled anything on your wallet?  You’re starting to see why carbon fiber makes sense to use in wallet.

Something else that we need to be aware of when evaluating products.  True carbon fiber is expensive to make.  It just is.  There’s not really an effective way to “mass produce” it, so it takes a lot of man hours to physically produce the stuff.  Keep this in mind when looking at the cheaper products you might find out there.  In other words, if someone is selling a carbon fiber wallet for less than $10, there’s a good chance it’s not real.  It’s most likely an imitation coating or type of wrap over a cheap plastic.

  • From what we’ve seen, you really need to hit the $25-30 range (at minimum) to know that you’re getting a quality (and genuine) product. Realistically, you’ll find them in the +/- $60-100 range.
  • Also note that the amount of carbon fiber used in the products will vary – i.e., if a wallet is 90% carbon fiber, it’s going to be much higher quality (thus more expensive) than it’s counterpart that is comprised of 20% carbon fiber.

On a final note, you’ll notice there are typically two different finishes – gloss and matte.  This is achieved in the application itself.  It can either go on wet or dry.  The wet application will achieve a gloss finish, while the dry will produce a matte finish.  The wet is slightly heavier than the dry, but it’s honestly negligible in the case of a wallet.

Now that you know what you’re looking at, let’s get to the wallets!

01. Fidelo – The Best Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Width: 2.25 in Depth: .25 in Height: 3.4 in Weight: 3 oz

Fidelo is made from the highest quality, Grade 3 Carbon Fiber.  This minimalist wallet is stronger than steel, it’s totally resilient against scratches and scrapes and will last for years, we mean YEARS, to come.  This little guy allows you to carry up to fifteen (15) cards effortlessly with no bulk or ugly pocket bulge (*hint, it’s meant to be carried in your front pocket).  In a world where scammers are rampant, and safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, this wallet comes with RFID protection to ensure your security is always first priority. Another cool feature (which really makes the wallet) is the integrated elastic billfold band that comes in a variety of colors.  It adds an extra dimension to this wallet foe storage, flexibility, etc…

The design really has this awesome “futuristic” thing going for it.  Overall, the wallet is sleek, super user-friendly and has exceptional functionality. It will fit comfortably in any front pocket, whether it’s your pants, shirt or jacket pocket.

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02. EGNT Mens Slim Wallet with ID Holder – The Best Carbon Fiber Bifold

Width: 4.5 in Depth: .3 in Height: 3.5 in Weight: 2.8 oz

The EGNT Carbon Fiber (with leather) range offers a selection of stunning, functional and simplistic designs, to ensure that there is something for everyone.  Their line of wallets is available in a wide range of sizes and functions to make sure they wallet you end up purchasing fits your needs perfectly.  Depending on the size you choose the wallet can hold from seven to fourteen (7 – 14) cards and has one to two (1 – 2) compartments for any cash or bills you’re carrying. We really like the way they have combined carbon fiber with full grain leather to create a truly honed, sculpted look.  EGNT wallets come in a unique matte finish to give the wallet a look of luxury and sophistication.  In our opinion this would be the perfect unique gift for any man in your life.

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03. The Frenchie Co. CX6 – The Best Carbon Fiber Speed Wallet

best carbon fiber wallets

Width: 5 in Depth: .22 in Height: 8 in Weight: 6.2 oz

This wallet uses CX6 Carbon Fiber, the same carbon fiber used by Hypercar manufacturers.  They’ve expertly combined it with best quality genuine Italian leather.  It’s what we’d call “ultra-thin” and lightweight with, a .22 inch average closure thickness – i.e., it’s thin.  The Frenchie is designed to hold six (6) cards, up to thirty (30) bills and has a sweet magnetic closure. Functionality wise, this wallet beats them all.  It’s what we call a “speed wallet”.  It allows you access to your bills instantly without having to open up the entire wallet, dig through your cash, etc..  There’s a video explaining here.

Aesthetically speaking, this design would appeal to anyone who wants something different, sleek and sophisticated.  It’s small enough to fit into any pocket without annoyance – front, back, shirt, etc… This would be the perfect buy for anyone from city professional to student.

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04. Common Fibers Max Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet

carbon wallet

Width: 4.3 in Depth: .3 in Height: 3.4 in Weight: 1 oz

Common Fibers uses REAL Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber on their Max Wallet.  Doing this takes minimalism and sophistication to an entirely new level in the world of “slim carry”.  What this does, primarily, is allow the user the comfort and durability of a strong leather wallet without the bulk and heaviness to carry around.

The Max consists of six credit card pockets, a cash pocket and two hidden compartments for larger bills.  The wallets is available in four (4) different colors – Green, Blue, Red & Carbon – there will definitely be one that suits you…but you don’t have to carry it in your suit.

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05. PITAKA Magwallet, Modular Card Holder

Width: 2.7 in Depth: .5 in Height: 4 in Weight: 3 oz

PITAKA is the world’s first magnetic carbon fiber wallet.  What we really love about the Pitaka is that it’s totally modular.  What does that mean?  You can customize it specifically for how may cards you want to carry. The wallet is stylish and completely adjustable, whatever you are wearing, and whatever the occasion you can make this wallet work for you.  We mentioned it’s modular…basically this means it has individual storage compartments for EVERYTHING.  It can handle coins, bills, cards and keys to name a few things, the possibilities are endless.

A truly sleek, modern design, the user can decide how thick they want the wallet and can slide cards out of the device in one swift move (one handed).  Definitely a solid option.

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06. KORE Slim Wallet and Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Width: 2.75 in Depth: .15 in Height: 4 in Weight: 4.2 oz

Very cool idea.  The Kore is really a 2 for 1.  The wallet is primarily comprised of a nicely sewn leather card holder, which is the main place for your cards.  It’s made complete with an awesome carbon fiber money clip attached to the back side, which is obviously reserved for your bills.  The wallet portion is made from full grain leather, while the money clip is composed of military grade carbon fiber.  It not only looks good, it delivers too.

The wallet has the ability to hold up to ten (10) cards and twenty (20) bills that are folded in half, and a smart pull tab the for easy access.  The money clip can also function without the wallet for the occasions when you want to carry lighter (suit jacket, blazer, etc..).  The central pocket of the wallet is RFID protected to provide security and peace of mind to you at all times – especially when traveling.

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07. I-Clip Carbon Fiber Wallet

Width: 3.6 in Depth: .9 in Height: 5 in Weight: .7 oz

Ok, so technically this wallet isn’t actually made of Carbon Fiber…but we had to include it on the list because of how awesome it is.  The ultra slim, ultra-sleek I-Clip Slim is designed using the highest quality, locally sourced materials. The wallet comfortably holds twelve (12) cards, while their non-rigid money clip holds bills and receipts. The wallet has an almost “rounded” shape, which allows it to slide right into your front pocket without without feeling annoying at all.

Made of the hi-tech, lightweight plastic Robutense, the frames hold cards securely in place, but weighs next to nothing at .7 ounces.  All the wallets are adorned with high-quality leather that has been treated with only natural tanning agents.  This is definitely one of those that people will ask you “hey, where’d you get that wallet?”

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08. Walletology Carbon Fiber Card Holder Wallet

Width: 4.9 in Depth: 1.1 in Height: 3.6 in Weight: 2 oz

The Walletology Card Holder is made using real, solid materials. Primarily made from Carbon Fiber, it also encompasses super strong elements such as steel.  This makes the wallet both beautiful and strong enough to actually hold up over time.  It has built-in RFID blocking, but that’s not a big selling point for us.  It’s nice to have, but not all that worth it in our opinion.

It has the ability to hold up to ten (10) cards.   It’s most definitely designed for front pocket carry and is so light you won’t notice it’s even in your pocket.  This is the first wallet from Walletology, but we expect to see big things from them in the future (but probably a small footprint).

*We featured the wallet in Texalium (aluminum coated Carbon Fiber), but they also offer a traditional version.

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09. Ogon Stockholm V2 – Carbon Fiber

Width: 3 in Depth: 1 in Height: 4.3 in Weight: 4 oz

At a weight of four (4) ounces, the Stockholm V2 is the perfect buy for anyone who likes their cards in one place. The unique card “filing” system almost opens like an fan or accordion style with pockets.  It’s nice because it allows easy access to specific cards, but you might not be able to fit more than ten (10) cards.  You can double up on a few, but we wouldn’t recommend going much over the 10-12 card count. The wallet is definitely solid and durable, it also comes with a metal lock for extra security, including a tear-proof PVC pocket inside.

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10. Carbon Fiber and Co Real – The Best Carbon Fiber Money Clip

carbon fiber money clip

Width: 1.4 in Depth: .5 in Height:2.8 in Weight: 1 oz

This isn’t one of these cheap knock offs.  It’s made from one hundred percent genuine aerospace grade carbon fiber. With a full one year warranty, the money clip is perfectly made to securely and efficiently to hold credit cards, cash and business cards.  It works like a traditional money clip.  Everything fits in the clip all together – a few cards (5-6), bills, receipts, etc..  They’re easy to take in and out, but remain secure. The clip is super small and lightweight, making pulling it in and out of your front pocket seamless.

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11. CoreCarbonRings Ultralight Wallet

Width: 5 in Depth: .5 in Height: 8 in Weight: 6.2 oz

Handmade with carbon fiber and epoxy resin, this wallet is ultra slim, ultra light and incredibly strong. This wallet has also integrated EMI/RFI expanding, shielding foil to add extra protection to your cards from skimming. As well as having RFID Blocking integrated also. The wallet weights just 0.9 oz and so is very easy to carry around in pockets, bags, jackets etc and has several pockets for cards etc as well a panel on the inside for cash, pictures etc.  the sharp style of this wallet makes it the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates quality.

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12. WARholsters Carbon Fiber Kydex Wallet

Width: 2.5 in Depth: .5 in Height: 4 in Weight: 3.5 oz

This hand made Kydex wallet is sharp and with a customization element available potentially unique too. One thing for sure is that whether buying for yourself or someone else, the recipient will love the personal element available. Available in a range of colors and designs both the wallet and the money clip can be customized. The screwed money clip is removable for the occasions where cash is not required. The wallet is capable of holding 6 to 7 cards comfortably. This is a great way to minimize what you carry and the way you carry it.

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13. Mgear EDC Keeper Wallet Carbon Edition

Width: 4.5 in Depth: .5 in Height: 3.5 in Weight: 4 oz

Handmade from 3D printed high impact strength industrial grade ABS, with the bottom being made from RDIF card with handy and useful measurements on it. If the full steel plate is chosen in design then the wallet will have full RDIF protection. Able to hold up to 5 cards, it also has an extra compartment that can be used to hold keys, flash drives, cash, coins and much more. It also comes with an additional multitool which acts as a lid.

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14. Elephant X Wallet

Width: 3.6 in Depth: .5 in Height: 2.5 in Weight: 3 oz

Handmade and available in a variety of colors, the X Wallet is made from a mix of rubber, carbon fiber, aluminized fiberglass (Texalium) and elastic. Suitable for both men and women this super slim and super sharp wallet is incredibly simple and totally functional. It consists of two plates held together by a strong rubber strap. This allows credit cards and business cards to be placed comfortably between the two plates, while additional cards and cash can also be stored under the rubber strap if necessary.

This would be the perfect buy for anyone who likes to keep all their essentials in one compact heavy duty lightweight space.

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15. Ridge Wallet – Carbon Fiber

Width: 3.3 in Depth: .5 in Height: 2 in Weight: 3.7 oz

There wouldn’t be a carbon fiber wallet list complete without mentioning the Ridge Wallet.  They were one of the first to come up with the idea of incorporating it into a wallet to both increase strength and durability.  Their wallet is completely modular, which makes for a modern looking, very functional wallet.  Check out our full review on this one and other Ridge products.

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