The BEST Wallets With Chains…Period.

Wallets with chains aren’t just for extreme sports, biker bros riding a Harley and skateboarders anymore. Whatever your “thing” is, there have probably been times when you have needed your wallet secure, but didn’t have any real way to secure it – these are perfect for that. Or maybe you just like the look. We have to admit, there something very retro and edgy about wearing a chain wallet.

These wallets below all have a vintage feel to them and quality to match.  If you don’t know anything about leather quality, just know this…it matters.  None of the wallets below are made from a PU or bonded leather.  The former being fake leather and the latter being just as bad.  Most of the wallets below are made from either full-grain or top-grain leather, which are top of the line in terms of feel, durability and overall quality.  Some are made from genuine leather (which can be ok), but you just have to be careful.  You never know exactly what you’re getting with that type of leather.  Typically, if it says cowhide leather, you’re ok.  If it doesn’t, it’s most likely made out of a cheaper animal skin such as pigksin.

Basically what we’re saying…if you’ve ever considered a chain wallet, this article will be the best thing you have read all year. Fifteen of the best wallets that are not only “cool” but also practical – that include chains that can be linked to belts, clothing or equipment to make your days carefree and your wallet carefully attached to you.  We’ll update this list often, so keep checking back for new ones as we find them!

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Mr Lentz



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01. Mr Lentz Men’s Personalized Leather Wallet Handcrafted Traditional With Chain

Width: 4.25 in Depth: .5 in Height: 3.25 in Weight: 6 oz  Chain: 18 in

This wallet is the real deal.  It’s hand made entirely from full-grain, vegetable tanned leather and available in Desert Night Dark, Sun Tanned Natural and Western Brown. It includes brass (nickel-plated) joints for utmost durability and product life.  The chain itself measures 18 inches and is made of solid steel (also nickel-plated) to last as long as your wallet will. This wallet is the perfect buy for someone who wants maximum space in a minimum design wallet, it provides two (2) card slots along with two (2) extra pockets, easily fitting in six to eight (6-8) cards, with a compartment for bills, making this a whole lot of wallet without that annoying bulge. Perfect for outdoor and sports enthusiasts.

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02. Tom Barrington Biker Wallet

Width: 3.5 in Depth: .5 in Height: 7.5 in Weight: 7 oz  Chain: 20 in (detachable)

This Biker Wallet made entirely out of genuine thick bridle cowhide leather is available in brown only. The leather that it is fashioned from is incredibly durable as is usually used to make horse reins, making it a wallet that you could use for years to come. It comes with a 20-inch chain which is detachable, perfect for the man that likes a choice.  With a double snap closure for extra protection, this wallet comes with 10 card slots, 9 for cards and 1 for ID, or something similar, and 4 long pockets for bills and receipts. This is the perfect wallet for bikers and truckers.

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03. FLW Glazed Genuine Leather Zip-Around Wallet with Scorpion and Chain

wallets with chains

Width: 5.1 in Depth: .5 in Height: 3.9 in Weight: 5.3 oz Chain: 19 in

This wallet is entirely made from genuine strong quality leather for long life and durability. Available in Tan with a metal zip that goes all around the wallet. It is perfect for fans of small wallets who don’t like a big bulge in their pockets. At just 3.9 x 5.1 inches or 10 x 13 cm, this wallet will provide all of your practical and aesthetic needs too. This wallet is perfect for people who love to take to the outdoors, bikers or extreme sports athletes alike, with the 19-inch chain making sure the wallet is always safe and secure no matter what the pursuit.

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04. JooJoobs Biker Wallet Chain, Men’s Leather Biker Chain Wallet

Width: 3.5 in Depth: .75 in Height: 7.5 in Weight: 7 oz Chain: 24 in

This practical, yet stylish wallet is a must-have buy for any Biker or Extreme Sports Enthusiast. This Wallet is handmade and hand stitched, meaning the quality is undeniable. It is available in distressed leather with a 24-inch chain and a minimal design, so it will fit neatly into any pocket or small space. The downside of this wallet is that it only has three (3) credit card sleeves, however, it’s still extremely functional with three pockets that can be used to store cash or a phone and a separate slot for a house key (although we don’t recommend carrying your house key in your wallet). These features make this wallet a unique find and will delight all thrill seekers alike.  NOTE – the wallet pictured is actually a dark brown.  The picture had a lot of customers thinking it was black or gray.  Also, JooJoobs doesn’t accept returns on any biker wallets.

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05. JooJoobs Men’s Trifold Chain Wallet, Biker Trifold Wallet, Men’s Leather Biker Wallet, Trifold Chain Wallets

Width: 3.25 in Depth: .75 in Height: 4.3 in Weight: 5 oz Chain: 24 in

A variation of the previous wallet, this holds some of the same perfectly unique qualities the above but also has some improvements that will make this a great buy for any guy. Handmade and stitched in Distressed leather for long life and durability. With a 24 inch chain and a choice of Silver or Antique Gold chain and a closure flap for extra security, this wallet fits all currencies with ease. As well as the attachment for a key, there are also sleeves for more cards, than the previous wallet, as it holds 8 – 10 cards with ease and can fit unfolded money. Perfect for the Biker in your life or just for the man who wants to look “cool”.

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06. Tiding Men’s Brown Genuine Leather Wallet Vintage Style Card Holder Bifold

Width: 3.5 in Depth: .75 in Height: 7 in Weight: 6.4 oz Chain: ~12 in

This multi-layered designed of this wallet with chain offers you a large capacity wallet in a sleek, minimal design. Made with genuine cows leather in a rugged vintage design, it comes with a detachable braided leather strap, that enables you to keep things secured when necessary. Fitted with an interior coin pocket, card slots with availability for 6 cards and 3 compartments; one for coins, one to hold more cards if needed and another for cash. The walls on the front and back interior also have an open pocket in them. The possibilities with this wallet are endless and would make a gift that just keeps on giving for the special someone in your life.

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07. Hempy’s Hemp Tri-Fold Wallet with Chain

Width: 3.25 in Depth: .5 in Height: 4 in Weight: 4 oz Chain: 12 in

This wallet is the perfect choice for the environment lovers among us. If you are passionate about animals and are environmentally sound then this 100% hemp canvas wallet is the right choice for you or as a gift for an ‘eco-warrior’ friend of yours. It uses no animal products and is completely vegan, with a twelve (12) inch heavy duty chain. The hemp also makes it incredibly durable, it will have a long life, even with heavy usage.  The wallet includes a mesh pocket for coins with a zipper for protection, a holder for bills, a clear pocket for your ID or driver’s license and one cardholder. This is a downfall for someone who has a lot of cards, but we did notice that you can place 2-3 cards in the single card pocket without much issue.  We really like this wallet, it’s an excellent choice for the eco-conscious among us. 

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08. WorkingClassPunx All Black Vegan Chain Wallet

Width: 4 in Depth: .5 in Height: 4.25 in Weight: 5 oz Chain: 16 in

This all black vegan canvas bi-fold wallet, with gunmetal snaps for extra closure and protection, a sixteen (16) inch detachable chain, a black canvas belt loop and a key clip is perfect for skaters, bikers, extreme sports fans or anyone who just wants an eco-friendly (rad) wallet that is multi-functional. The inside features six cotton fabric pockets that can hold up to six cards and a large canvas pocket for cash. This is a must-have for anyone who likes their wallet and their keys in thee same place. Minimalistic, yet practical,  the wallet would make a perfect gift for someone whether they are an outdoor person, passionate about the environment or just looking for the perfect wallet, this one has it all.

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09. Luufan Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet with Zipper Pocket

Width: 3.5 in Depth: .8 in Height: 7.7 in Weight: 8.5 oz Chain: 22 in

This unisex wallet is made from 100 percent genuine Italian Full Grain cowhide oiled leather. Designed with a vintage style fashioned with a leather strap, it can be used as both a wallet or a clutch purse/bag, allowing for all occasions to be met. This wallet consists of four layers and is capable of holding 4 phones at once if necessary. Each layer has six card slots and one for cash. There is also a small pocket with zipper for coins. The high quality of the leather used makes the wallet highly durable with a smooth exterior. Perfect for the man or woman in your life that likes everything in one place.

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10. Itslife Men’s RFID BLOCKING Brown Bifold Vintage Handmade Leather Chain Wallet

Width: 3.8 in Depth: 1 in Height: 7.4 in Weight: 8 oz Chain: ~12 in

This retro brown premium rugged cowhide leather wallet is handmade with excellent quality and comes with a detachable woven leather rope with metal hook. It features six card slots, one pocket with zipper for extra protection, one interior pocket that can fit a phone and two pocket slots for cash.  Designed to block Radio Frequency Identification Device signals from penetrating your wallet, and scanning information off of chips in your cards such as Debit or Credit card, driving license amongst others. This wallet, therefore, gives you security and privacy. Due to the leather used, wrinkles and scars may appear on the wallet, this is all due to inherent characteristics in the leather and adds to the sense of ruggedness.

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11. SOS EDC Minimalist Saffiano Leather RFID Blocking Anti-theft Wallet with Removable Chain

Width: 3.15 in Depth: .12 in Height: 4.4 in Weight: 8 oz Chain: 23 in

This genuine functional minimalist designed wallet is made with very high-quality genuine leather. It fashions six card slots, one ID window and one slot for cash and receipts. With an ultra slim design, it makes it easy to carry in small areas like a clutch bag or handbag and also makes it easy to slide to front or back pockets. With a clear finger glide making it easy to access the photo ID stored in the pocket, this wallet is perfect for someone who likes to travel light and wants no delays or hold ups. It has a 23-inch metal chain with a leather belt strap for peace of mind that your wallet is safe no matter where you carry it. The RFID feature blocks all RFID scanners and readers, ensuring your credit and debit cards are safe and protected.

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12. Joojoobs Chain Wallet, Mens Leather Biker Wallet, Manly Man wallets

Width: 3.25 in Depth: .75 in Height: 4.3 in Weight: 6 oz Chain: 24 in

Entirely handmade from Full Grain cowhide distressed leather, with a closure flap and 24-inch chain with a choice of either Antique Gold or silver. Fashioned with a pocket for unfolded money, this is a wallet for a man who likes just the basics in his pocket. The wallet is minimal and will sit in front or back pocket comfortably without any bulge. This would make the perfect present for relatives partners or anyone who will appreciate finely crafted leather wallets. The long chain makes it great for bikers or skaters who need to know their items are safe.

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13. Anvil Customs Wallet with Chain

Width: ? in Depth: ? Height: ? in Weight: 7 oz Chain: ~16 in

Each wallet is handmade with genuine leather and hand dyed. The 100% full-grain leather used for all of their wallets is completely weatherproofed and treated to stop possible breakdown of the leather and leather fading. All the stainless steel hardware is treated to prevent rust and promote durability. The wallet can hold up to ten cards and has a pocket for cash. The design of the wallet would very much appeal to bikers or anyone who likes minimalism yet practicality.

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14. RobertiLeather Chain Wallet

Width: 3.5 in Depth: .75 in Height: 5 in Weight: 6 oz Chain: 12 in (sold separately for $5)

This handmade, high-quality wallet available in black or brown, is made from premium American vegetable Full Grain  Tanned Leather.  Hand finished and sewn with a boned industrial poly thread with a choice of white, black or red stitching. Finished with two stainless steel quality snaps to ensure security.  The Wallet contains 3 pockets for cards and cash, perfect for the consumer who hates mess and unnecessary cards and receipts. A 12-inch quality chain with a belt loop can be added to the wallet for a small extra fee of $5. This wallet may look small but it is perfectly proportioned for your needs, this would be a perfect buy for lovers of the biker style wallets, but, who don’t like the wallets sticking out of their pocket in biker style. This wallet is biker style heaven in a compact pocket size package.

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15. Men’s Genuine Leather Biker Wallet with Chain Zipper Stud Trucker Purse Wallet

Width: 3.75 in Depth: 1 in Height: 7.5 in Weight: 11 oz Chain: 12 in

Whether you drive a motorcycle, truck or just love the biker style, this wallet is a must have.

Both stylish and functional, this top grain leather wallet from Anaheim Leather just looks like a million dollars but we guarantee it won’t break the bank. At a little over 7 inches long there is enough room to store your valuables while you hit the open road.

The best thing that we love about this wallet is that it has five pockets–two for holding your credit cards, two full-sized pockets and one zippered pocket. It closes securely with two heavy duty snaps and opens accordion style so you have easy access to your items. The 12-inch chain can fit belts up to 1 ¾” and secures with a snap closure.

If you love this wallet in black, there is a similar style in brown here as well.

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Men’s wallets with chains are an awesome way to keep you valuables secure while carrying in style.  We hope you enjoyed this post.  To us, it was “off the chain”. 🙂

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