The Best Passport Wallets [2024 Travel Wallet Guide]

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Ok, so what’s the point of the “travel wallet”? 

Everyone already has a wallet as their everyday carry, so why do you need to get an additional passport wallet to take with you when you travel? We’ll talk about why you should have a travel document holder, and we’ll review some of the best passport wallets we’ve found!

best passport wallets

Why You Need to Carry a Travel Wallet

Let’s take a deep dive into why they’re even necessary.  And to answer your question, yes travel wallets are necessary.  There are so many benefits to carrying one of these wallets—and it’s more than simply keeping your passport safe.

We’ll look at all the pros to carrying one of these wallets, but know this, they’re really made to make your travel life easier—especially if you’re a frequent traveler.

  1. Simple Protection— the passport or travel wallet will keep all your travel docs in much better shape than your normal wallet.  It really comes down to a matter of size.  Passports, boarding passes, declarations and customs forms aren’t made to fit into a slim wallet.  The end result?  All your stuff ends up with worn edges and corners (at best) and gets torn or lost (at worst).  A good travel wallet will keep your stuff nice a crisp for the entire trip.
  2. You Can Actually Find It— We’ve all been there.  You throw your passport in your duffle bag or briefcase.  Now it’s time to present it and you have to actually find it.  But where is it?  You dig and dig and end up having to empty out your entire bag before finding.  It’s such a time waster—not to mention embarrassing.  The solution?  Tuck your passport away into a nice little pocket inside your wallet.  Now, when you need it, it’s ready to access and you (and everyone else) can keep moving.
  3. Stay Organized— Most of the cases above come equipped with pockets, card slots, ID windows and places to store your passport.  To expand on our point above, it just keeps you organized.  Traveling can be stressful, so there’s no need to add to the stress with not being able to find your documents (and holding up the line).  It really just gives you piece of mind.
  4. RFID Blocking— Any passport holder that’s worth its salt will include RFID protection technology.  We’ll be honest, the chances of your information getting stolen by being skimmed is probably pretty low. These skimming machines are real, but they’re not super common.  All that said—when traveling, your chances of getting your cards skimmed go up significantly.  That’s where these guys are hanging out—the airports, bus/train stations, etc… 

Types of Passport Wallets

Now we’ve covered why passport wallets are a good idea, let’s quickly cover the main types of passport/travel wallets.

The Replacement Wallet

If you’ve ever done any sort of extensive travel… meaning, traveled further than grandma’s house and longer than “for the weekend”, then you know how important it is to keep your valuables (ID/Passport, papers, tickets, travelers checks, money, credit cards, hotel key, etc..) all in ONE place and SECURE.

Let’s face it, you have a lot more “stuff” when you travel.  Because of that, you need a wallet than can accommodate all your things.  Things like your passport and ID are non-negotiable when traveling abroad.  And you definitely want secure, easy access to your money.

So – one obvious thing to do is to pick up a travel wallet. These are larger than the wallets we’d typically recommend, but they incorporate both the usual credit card and cash pockets as well as a pocket for securely containing a passport (or two if you’re traveling with your significant other. Or you’re James Bond.)

The Passport Holder

Maybe you’re not a fan of the all-in-one approach (two many eggs in one basket?). In that case, maybe what you need is a passport holder like this one from Bosca. These will provide both physical protection for your passport/vaccine cards/boarding passes/tickets as well as RFID protection for your data.

Bosca Men's Old Leather Passport Case, Black

The idea being of course, that you protect the documents needed specifically for travel, while keeping your usual wallet separate. The travel documents can go into the hotel safe when not actively traveling.

Around-the-Neck Passport Case

Some folks swear by these things when traveling.  Others, not so much.  It’s just what it sounds like, a passport wallet that fits around your neck.  The reason?  It allows you to remain hands free and is a much harder target for pickpockets.

Neck wallet for travel - super slim passport holder Travel Pouch to Protect Your Important Papers and Cash, Soft Innovative No-Rip Fabric, RFID Protected and Water Resistant - Plus 2 Suitcase Name Tags

Which approach you take is a purely personal one of course. Whichever option you prefer, read on – we’ve got you covered!

The Best Passport Wallets

The wallets below aren’t necessarily the “slimmest” on the planet, but they also won’t require their own luggage.  Form meets function in our list of the best travel wallets in the world… whether you’re a regular jetsetter or occasional traveler.

Fjalraven Travel Wallet

FJÄLLRÄVEN Women's Travel Wallet, Dusk, 16 x 11 x 2 Centimeters

Material65% polyester, 35% cotton
Size‎6.3 x 4.33 x 0.79 inches
CapacityPassports, multiple cards, coin pocket

When you travel with a Fjallraven Travel Wallet, you know all your belongings can be stored in one central location. We mean ALL your belongings! This spacious wallet is able to hold up to 15+ cards, cash, and receipts. There is a zippered pocket located inside for coin storage as well.

What sets Fjallraven apart is that you can also store passports, pens, your cell phone, and various travel documents. No longer will you need 2 or 3 different wallets while hurrying through the airport. This wallet is made of durable G-1000 canvas so it is durable and yet very easy to clean. This Swedish company really knows how to appeal to the practical traveler in all of us.


Leatherology Zip Around

Leatherology Black Onyx Travel Zip Organizer Wallet, Passport Holder, RFID Available, Full Grain Leather

Size‎9 x 4.75 x 1 inches
CapacityPassports, multiple cards, coin pocket
RFIDSelect colors only

Leatherology is a company set on showing the world that you don’t have to give up style to have a spacious travel wallet. Introducing the Zip Around Travel Wallet. This leather wallet is composed of 100 % full grain leather.  The point?  It’s made to last.

This beauty can hold up to eight (8) credit cards, boarding pass and passports, and also manages to include two (2) deep pockets to place excess bills and travel docs or papers. Comes with a zippered pocket for coins.  The Zip Around is impressively slim for being able to carry so much.

And the best part?  They have the largest selection of colors for any of the travel wallets we looked at.


Visconti 1157

Visconti 1157 Large Leather Travel Wallet Planner for Credit Cards Tickets and Passports (Black)

Size‎4.33 x 9 x 1.2 inches
CapacityPassports, 7 cards, ID Window

There is a reason Visconti is the leading U.K. brand for high quality leather wallets. They have managed to wow us again with the new Visconti 1157. This wallet is constructed of the finest full grain leather and is equipped with everything you could possibly need while roaming around the world.

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The 1157 can hold up to 7 credit cards, ID Window and has 5 slip in pockets. There is also a pocket on the outside and a convenient pen holder down the middle. If that wasn’t enough they have also made sure to add RFID blocking protection to ensure that when you are traveling all your private information remains safe and secure.


Derek Alexander Passport Travel Wallet

Derek Alexander Large North-South, Black, One Size

Size‎5 x 1 x 9.5 inches
CapacityPassports, 11 cards, coin pocket, ID Window

The Derek Alexander Passport Travel Wallet is quite possibly the most gorgeous travel accessory you will own this year. This wallet uses premium full grain leather and you can feel the high quality when you touch this wallet.

Derek Alexander has managed to take luxury and make it practical because you can store up to 11 credit cards, bills, passports, travel documents and there is a coin pocket. The only thing missing from this wallet is RFID protection. The roominess of this wallet, along with the sleek appearance will make it the perfect gift for the avid traveler in your life.


Bellroy Travel Folio

Bellroy Travel Folio (Passport & Travel Organizer, RFID Protected) - Black

Size‎7 x 4.5 x 0.8 inches
Capacity2 Passports, 4-8 cards,

You are able to easily transition from the office to the open road with Bellroy‘s Travel Folio. This amazingly versatile wallet will be the travel companion you are looking for. It has a simple divider system to keep travel documents and banknotes or work notes separate.

It even comes with a micro pen – how many times have you had to borrow a pen to fill in landing cards or sign customs documents? The design of this folio is all about organization in a beautiful environmentally-certified leather look.


Tumi Alpha Passport Holder

Tumi Alpha Passport Case Black One Size

MaterialBallistic Nylon
Size‎5.75 x 0.75 x 4.75 inches
CapacityPassport, 8 cards, 2 extra pockets, ID Window

The Tumi Alpha Passport Holder is going to appeal to the traveling businessman that wants his wallet to be practical, handsome, and durable. This bi fold travel wallet is able to hold 7 credit cards on one side and a nice deep pocket to hold the passport on the opposite side. There is a full sized currency slot behind.

The Nylon material is reinforced with premium leather trim and a stylish logo. The finish is sleek and sophisticated and you can fit this wallet in your pocket for quick access during the day. Not many travel wallets are that compact while still being so useful. Make a great travel investment and check out the Alpha Passport Case.


Maxwell Scott Passport Holder

Maxwell Scott Handcrafted Leather Passport Wallet - Prato Brown

MaterialVegetable Tanned Leather
Size‎4.01 x 0.11 x 5.62 inches
CapacityPassport, 4 cards, ID Window

Maxwell Scott Bags presents the Maxwell Scott Passport Holder. The wallet is exquisitely crafted in vegetable-tanned Italian leather and will add a little luxury to any destination you are traveling to.

The Maxwell Scott Passport Holder comes with 4 credit card slots, bills, and also includes a transparent passport holder to avoid having to flip to a specific page. The inside is 100% cotton lining and even after all the contents are placed inside you can fit the Maxwell discreetly in your back pocket. This wallet comes with an amazing 25 year warranty.


Allett RFID Travel Wallet

Allett Passport Wallet, Black | Leather, Bifold, RFID Blocking | Holds Up To 10 Cards & Passport | For Men & Women

MaterialLeather and Nylon
Size‎5.6 x 4.4 x 0.2 inches
CapacityPassport, 4-10 cards, bill pocket, ID Window

Traveling with your passport does not mean you have to use a bulky wallet. The Allett RFID Slim Wallet provides one location for all your important travel information but manages to keep it in one tiny package.

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Made with the finest Nappa leather, it can hold up to 10 cards in 5 convenient credit card slots. Additionally, there is room for receipts, cash, and your passport/boarding pass (as well as other travel documents).

The Made-In-The-USA Allett Slim is also equipped with RFID blocking protection so no more worrying about credit card theft. Whether your plane ride is 1 hour or 14, the minimalist design allows you to store it in your pocket comfortably the whole trip.


Bosca Passport Case

Bosca Men's Old Leather Passport Case, Black

Size‎3.75 x 0.4 x 5.5 inches
CapacityPassport, boarding documents

The Bosca Old Leather Collection has released the Bosca Passport Case with the refined, gentleman traveler in mind. The 100% genuine dark brown leather provides that smooth, stylish finish that all Bosca products are famous for.

The deep pocket on the inside of this wallet allows you to store your passport and boarding pass safely (plus other travel documents). You also have the option to store a few bills behind the passport for convenient access. The best part is the Bosca Passport Case is extremely thin and lightweight so you will not fill bogged down on your next endeavor.


Kasper Maison Travel Wallet

Kasper Maison Premium Leather RFID Passport Cover & Travel Wallet with Anti-theft RFID Blocking - British Tan

Size‎3.94 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches
Capacity2 Passports, 3 cards, extra pockets

The Kasper Maison Travel Wallet has it all when it comes to maximum quality and travel-friendly features. Premium full grain leather gives you that extravagant feeling while still remaining one of the most practical wallets on the market in terms of modern design.

Your passport will fit snugly on the right side which allows the front cover and signature pages free for scanning. There are 3 card slots on the left side for immediate access to your most-used cards.

The Swedish-designed Kasper Maison Travel Wallet comes with RFID blocking protection and makes a great gift (they even make a point of calling out their “premium unboxing experience”.) Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, the Kasper Maison Travel Wallet will help make it a world-class experience.


Jack Spade Tech Travel Wallet

Jack Spade Men's Tech Oxford Passport Wallet

MaterialPolyester, with Leather trim
Size‎‎(approx) 5.5 x 4.5 x 0.4 inches
Capacity2 Passports, 3 cards, extra pockets

The Jake Spade Tech Oxford collection has graced us with the Travel Wallet and right off the bat, you notice the classic appeal that most traveling accessories do not have. The outside is 100% polyester material and then trimmed with the signature Jake Spade full-grain leather to provide that touch of elegance.

5 credit cards will fit comfortably, along with 2 large compartments for your passport and any currency you accumulate around the world. The Jake Spade collection has taken the timeless look of a sleek bi-fold and paired it with modern functionality, and they have done it beautifully.


Passport Wallet Buyer’s Guide

The passport wallet makes a great “second wallet” (see our types of wallets article for more on this). Not for everyday use perhaps, but hugely useful for travel.

Literally any of the wallets above will suit you well. That said, there are three criteria to think about:

  • Function: Are you looking for something to protect just your travel documents, or something to be the all-in-one wallet for your trip?
  • Style: Are you looking for something practical where the key feature is the number of different pockets and ability to get organized? Or something in beautiful old leather that is designed to be seen and make a statement?
  • Security: Are you looking for something like an around the neck wallet, maybe with RFID protection as well? This will somewhat depend on your personal comfort level with traveling, but of course, this also depends on where you are going.

“The World Is Waiting For You. Good Luck, Travel Safe…Go!”

Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race

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