Best Server Books for Waiters

The work life of a server is a hectic one.  Sometimes you might be juggling five, or even six tables at a time.  Splitting checks on a large-top, making change for eight teenagers who only have a “fifty” on them…it’s easy to look up and have cash flying everywhere (and not in a good way).  You’re here because you’ve probably tried using the standard check presenter (and gone through five of them).  Or maybe you’ve gotten in a bad habit of throwing bills and change in your apron or even your pockets.  This isn’t a great idea.  While it is “doable”, it is definitely not “professional”.  It makes you give off a vibe of disorganization and sloppiness.  Even if you’ve got a system, it can creep up on you before you know it.

You need a solution.  What is it you might ask?  It’s the Server Book or Wallet.  We’ve spent some time examining which server books are legit and which ones are junk.  You don’t have to break the bank to get a good book, but we will add that you do get what you pay for.  Read our 100% unbiased opinions below – we hope you find something that will help you get organized and help you flip more tables!




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Waiter Wallet









01. Patterned Server Wallet by SERVER BOOK

Width: 5 in Depth: .5 in Height: 8 in Weight: 6.2 oz

The first server book on our list is made by…well, SERVER BOOK.  While we won’t give them points for originality in their name, we will give them points for making a super high quality product.  So much so that they actually offer a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Function – This book is super functional for waiting tables.  It comes with two long stash pockets (hidden) for storing change and tips.  There’s also a great pocket for storing credit card checks and receipts.  The book also includes a really cool pocket for you to keep your POS/ID card and a nice pen holder.  No more, “Where’s my pen?!”

Durability – This is one of the most durable books we looked at on this list.  Admittedly, most of the products our there are cheap, Chinese imports.  This one is not.  There is no cheap glue or poorly sewn seams.  It’s meant to be used and it will stand up to normal use in a server work environment.  Another note, the exterior and interior are made out of the same waterproof material.  Why is this important?  Because you can wipe it down to remove all the junk that you may spill on it while waiting tables.

Colors – This is one of the more “fun” brands in terms of colors.  They have prints and patterns for everyone.

Best Price HERE

02. Server Book by Brinero Leather (Updated for 2019)


Width: 6.4 in Depth: .6 in Height: 8.2 in Weight: 5.3 oz

Brinero Leather’s server book is also one of the highest quality books on the list.  They pay attention to customer feedback and have actually made multiple improvement in terms of materials, craftsmanship and overall functionality for their newest version.

Function – Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!  This little guy has nine, count them, nine pockets!  This also includes a handy little zippered pocket for your loose change.  It’s made to write on and has a very functional location for the pen on the outside of the book, as opposed to the middle like most that we’ve reviewed.

Durability – This book will not fall apart, simple as that.  It’s made of durable leather and high-grade stitching.  Some manufacturers skimp on these two items, but this is what will make sure that your server book will actually last.  Easy to clean and strong.

Colors – Sometimes less is more, as is the case here.  The rich black of this server book looks extremely professional – your coworkers and customers will notice.

Best Price HERE

03. Waiter Wallet Deluxe | Organizer Book + Order Pad

Width: 4.2 in Depth: .8 in Height: 6.2 in Weight: 7.2 oz

Think of Waiter Wallet™ as the “OG” of server books.  They pretty much took the original concept, beefed it up on steroids, yet made it small, functional and durable.  This thing can do everything!

Function – The thing that we like the most about the Waiter Wallet is that it’s the most like a traditional wallet than any one of the books on this list.  It looks like a wallet, feels like a wallet and “acts” like a wallet (just for a server).  To start, the wallet opens like a traditional bifold.  Inside, you’ll find two items right off the bat – the exclusive transparent pocket and the order pad.  Most of the books we’ve looked at don’t have either of these.  This one is definitely the most unique from a functionality standpoint.  The order pad is self-explanatory, but the clear pocket might not be.  Most waiters will use it to carry around little notes/hints to make them better at their job.  Upsells, specials, wine lists and more.  All things that you need to get to at a moments notice to make more money!

Inside the wallet is where you’ll keep your change secure, multiple credit cards if you have them, your ID/Access card for the kiosk, etc..

On the back of the wallet there is a super handy “stash” pocket for the current table’s credit card that you need to get processed quickly.

Durability – The Waiter Wallet is well constructed and made from a rich, durahyde material along with industry strong stitching.

Colors – Again, these guys keep it pretty simple with a professional look – smooth, rich black finish.

Best Price HERE

04. Magnetic Waiter Book by Ogalv

Width: 4.8 in Depth: .8 in Height: 9 in Weight: 6.4 oz

Ogalv is one of the more striking waiter wallets we’ve seen on the market.  The layering that they’ve done on the interior (with the pockets) is really functional and…it just looks really cool.  Oh, did we mention it’s magnetic?

Function – The magnetic closure sort of steals the show here.  It allows for an expandable pocket to remain secure, but grow as your day gets busier ($$$).  There are twelve (12) pockets in this bad boy!  Basically, you don’t have to worry about running out of places to put stuff.  We really like the fact that the pocket are really flexible.  Some of the server wallets we looked at had really stiff pockets or sections.  They seemed like they’d be difficult to work with during a shift – difficult to get CC slips into and out of, etc..  Finally, the book comes with your standard pen holder (we wish it was on the outside), a zipper pocket for coins and convenient place to keep cards while you’re running to the kiosk.

Durability – This book will not fall apart, simple as that.  It’s made of durable leather and high-grade stitching.  Some manufacturers skimp on these two items, but this is what will make sure that your server book will actually last.  Easy to clean and strong.

Colors – Another simple take on colors. When in doubt, go with a plain black finish.  It will never go out of style.

Best Price HERE

05. Deluxe Server Book by iServ

Width: 5 in Depth: .5 in Height: 9 in Weight: 7 oz

To round out our list, we wanted to include this waiter cash organizer by iServ because it comes with all the bells and whistles.  It hits on all the must-haves and is made in in the USA.  This is an excellent option for waiters who need to keep their server bank secure.

Function – The book includes six total pockets, but really only five are functional.  In our opinion, this is plenty, but some may need more.  The basic function of the pockets are as follows:  immediate change, large bills, calculator, holder for cards, stash pocket for menu notes and pocket for order pad.  Obviously, you can use them for whatever works best for you, but the calculator and order pad pockets are made specifically for those items.  The book also includes a place for your pen (in the middle).  We typically like to see the pen holder on the outside of the book, but it really works well in this case.  Because of the middle binding being flexible, you don’t even notice the pen when closing the book.  It might actually be more of a nuisance on the outside in the case of this book.

Durability – Made in the good ‘ol US of A.  We typically do see higher quality from products manufactured in the US as opposed to products made overseas (China, India, Philippines, etc..), but that’s not ALWAYS the case.  Well, it is in the instance.  This book is really on top of it’s game from a craftsmanship standpoint.  It’s the only book on the list that isn’t from a leather or leather-type finish.  It’s made out of a nylon canvas (think Kevlar) and it’s resistant to water damage, scratching or punctures and heat.  All things that could impact you while waiting tables.  The seams and stitching are done really well and should last as long as you’re using the book.  Also, just to note they book does come with rounded corners so it won’t poke you as it bends in your apron or pocket.

Colors – No color options here other than their standard offering.  It’s actually quite nice looking.  A dark charcoal primary color trimmed in dark black around the edges.

Best Price HERE

Are there other options out there?  Sure.  That said, we spent days going over all of the server books on the market and these are the best of the best in terms of function, durability, appearance and overall quality.  Hope this was helpful to you!

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