The Ultimate Secrid Wallet Review for 2019 – Details Inside.

A Comprehensive Review of Secrid Wallets – and Our Personal Favorite.

Here’s the reality.  The best overall Secrid wallet is their Slimwallet.  It’s the one that best combines the ever-elusive slim factor with functionality more so than any of their other wallets.  That said, while it is for most…it’s not for everyone.  We’ll jump in and examine the entire Secrid line of wallets to help you decide for yourself which one you need to carry.

“A Better World Starts In Your Pocket”

Secrid Wallets are made in Holland are said to have the perfect balance in both industrial design and fashion when it comes to their productive. The process of making these is also friendly to the people and the environment involved in its design. The company has been going for nearly 3 decades now having started the company in 1990 however it was in 2009 when the first wallet, the card protector, was launched. Previous to this they were mainly a design agency…this was before creating a minimal wallet called the Secrid Bodycard in 2007. They’ve come a long way since then with their products being found in almost 5,000 stores worldwide and the team growing to over 100 colleagues in an industrial warehouse.  Below we’ll take a look at the specifications of the various wallet lines within the Secrid brand and even give you a few tips at the bottom of this article.

Dimensions and Weight

All of the wallets in the collection by Secrid follow the same dimension which make them the perfect pocket size. The cheapest wallet in itself is 1.7 oz with the heaviest being just over double this however we have to take into account that is the Cardslide that is multiple purpose and made up of both the Card Protector and Moneyband.

Cardprotector: Overall weight of 1.7 oz. Dimensions on the Card Protector are 2.5/4/.3 inches.

Moneyband: As it is only an accessory band for the Card Protector it weighs just .25 oz and measures 2.5/1/.15 inches.

Cardslide: As it is a combination of the above two items and also a slide it weighs in at 3.45 oz with its dimensions being 2.5/4/.55 inches.

Miniwallet: The MiniWallet has an overall weight of 2.5 oz and it measures 2.5/4/.8 inches.

Slimwallet: The Slim Wallet weighs 2.7 oz, virtually the same as the Mini Wallet and measures 2.5/4/.6 inches.

Twinwallet:  The Twinwallet weighs slightly more than the aforementioned Mini and Slim wallets, weighing in at 3.7 oz with the dimensions being slightly larger at 2.6/4/1 inches (not quite double the thickness, but still super slim).

Color Selection

What’s most impressive about the collection by Secrid is the vast array of colors they have on offer for customers to choose from including some colors that are both a mixture, some are patterned and some are just not very common to come across adding a whole new level of personalisation to the wallet.

Cardprotector: Black/ Blue/ Bordeaux/ Brown/ Brushed Silver/ Gold/ Red/ Rust/ Silver/ Titanium Color/ Violet/ Laser Magnolia Black/ Laser Magnolia Bordeaux/ Laser Tartan Brown/ Laser Tartan Rust/ Laser Zigzag Black/ Laser Zigzag titanium.

Moneyband: Brick/ Cables/ Construction/ Harbour/ Light Stream/ Neon Pink/ Pier/ Road Sign/ Skyscraper/ Tire/ Yellow Cab/ Zebra

Cardslide: Black & Black/ White & Bordeaux/ Black/ White

Miniwallet: Original Black/ Original Bordeaux/ Original Cognac-Brown/ Original Dark Brown/ Original Navy-Blue, Original Red-Red, Vintage Black/ Vintage Blue/ Vintage Brown/ Vintage Chocolate/ Vintage Cognac-Rust/ Vintage Grey-Black/ Vintage Olive-Black/ Matte Black/ Matte Blue/ Matte Brick-Black/ Matte Green-Black/ Mate Grey-Black / Matte Petrol/ Matte Pink/ Matte Purple & many more.

Slimwallet: Original Black/ Original Bordeaux/ Original Cognac-Brown/ Vintage Black/ Vintage Brown/ Vintage Chocolate/ Vintage Cognac-Rust/ Vintage Grey-Black/ Matte Black/ Matte Green-Black/ Matte Grey-Black/ Crisple Black/Crisple Black-Gold, Rango Blue Titanium and many more.

Twinwallet:  Original Black/ Original Cognac-Brown/ Original Red-Red/ Vintage Black/Vintage Chocolate/Matte Blue/ Matte Purple and many more.


With the exception of the Slimwallet and Twinwallet nearly all of the wallets in this collection are very good when it comes to durability with aluminium casing protecting the user from any digital theft as well as the steel slide being made out of stainless steel and the money band out of high quality elastic.

Card Protector: Has an aluminium casing which protects your cards inside from bending, breaking and also has an RFIC defence in the form of this material to save you from digital theft.

Moneyband: Made of high quality elastic accompanied by a stainless still clip it has everything needed to keep everything in your card protector in place.

Cardslide: The mechanism behind the Cardslide is actually patented; the slide that is the extra in this product is made of stainless steel with the outer casing being made of aluminium so you’re protected from any digital theft via NFC.

Miniwallet: Similar to the Cardslide it contains an aluminium casing to prevent NFC-facilitated theft, and a stainless steel slide to get your cards out with one motion.

Slimwallet: The Slimwallet unlike the other wallets doesn’t have such a tough exterior and lacks the aluminium digital theft protection so isn’t as durable as the other wallets.

Twinwallet:  Similar to the Slimwallet this wallet also doesn’t have the protective aluminium casing so lacks the protection from NFC-facilitated theft.

Overall Functionality

When it comes to the functionality of the wallets in the Secrid collection, it all depends on what you want. If you only have a few cards the Card Protector is fine. However if you need a wallet that accommodate more cards and things such as cash, receipts and business cards, the Slim or Twinwallet might be a bit more suited to your needs.

Card Protector: Holds 4 to 6 cards. Very small and practical as well as being tough and rigid.  This is for the true minimalist.

Moneyband: With this not being an actual wallet, it’s main purpose as an add on for the Card Protector is quite practical as it can hold two card protectors together if you have more than 6 cards that can only fit in one of them.  Another little trick – just use the Moneband by itself!  You can fit a ton of cards in there (12-14+) as well as bills/notes.

Cardslide: This should be seen as a 2 in 1 product having both the card protector and a slide held together by the aforementioned money band. The purpose for the slide is to provide extra space for things such as business cards to the purpose behind the functionality is actually really practical. It can fit 5 (maybe 6) cards comfortably, along with 2-3 US bills.  *Make note, the bills need to be folded twice to be stashed inside.

Miniwallet: The Miniwallet has more of a business feel to it and the separate sections for things such as notes, business cards, bank cards and receipts mean you can keep everything in order and organised.  It can fit 4-5 cards comfortably, along with 5-8 US bills.

Slimwallet: The Slimwallet has the extra added feature of it being all leather making it look stylish as well as functional.  It can fit 5-6 cards comfortably, along with 6-10 US bills.  Obviously, the more bills you carry, the thicker it will be.  That said, these little guys can carrier bills without any issues.

Twinwallet:  Like the Slimwallet the Twinwallet has the extra added feature of it being all leather making it look stylish as well as functional.  This is definitely the “Cadillac” of the Secrid line.  If you’re a heavy card carrier, then this one is for you.  It can fit 14-16 cards comfortably, along with 8-10 US bills.  Somehow, they still managed to keep it slim.

Bottom Line

As the Secrid brands continues to grow, they’ll continue to come out with new products, designs and cool colors…but one thing we can assure you.  They’ll never compromise on quality.  Whichever one of the wallets above that you decide on, you can rest assured it will last.  We’ve seen people all over the globe who have had their Secrid for 2+ years and it’s still going strong.  That said, there are a few things you can do to make sure this wallet (or any wallet) lasts longer.

Carry the wallet in your front pocket!  We can’t emphasize this enough.  We’re so passionate about this that we even wrote an article stating the importance of it here ( Aside from helping your lower back…another reality of carrying your wallet in your front pocket is that your poor little wallet doesn’t have to deal with you sitting on it every day lessening its life.

Keep your wallet in your pocket.  I used to be in a bad habit of taking out my wallet and setting it down on the table, setting in my car, leaving it in random places, etc..  You know what happened?  A lot.  Drops, spills, kids and more…this may not seem like a big deal, but when you spend good money on a wallet you want it to last.  The aforementioned things don’t help it to do that.

Put your wallet in the same spot every night.  How does this help your wallet to last longer you might ask?  Well, apart from keeping it out of the laundry, the sunlight and other things that can damage it…it will help you not to misplace it.  The fastest way to end the life of a wallet is to LOSE it.

We hope this has been helpful.  If you’d like to check out the Secrid wallets we discussed above, please see below:

Card Protector

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Best Price HERE


Best Price HERE


Best Price HERE


Best Price HERE


Best Price HERE

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