Common [and uncommon] Things Found in a Wallet

common things found in a wallet

Going a bit deeper, the stuff we carry in our wallets offers a little sneak peek into who we are. In addition to simply carrying around our money, we utilize our wallets to bring important docs, cards and other things that are just important to us.

What are the things that you most commonly find in a wallet?

Divided by “type”, we can split the items most frequently carried in a wallet into various groups.

Please see below:

Personal Documents or Paperwork

  • Your contact details: This is a no-brainer. Having your contact-info clearly noticeable somewhere in your wallet can be a lifesaver. This info will allow a kind human who finds your lost wallet to actually return it to you if it comes up missing.
  • Personal identification: In most places, you need to have some way to identify yourself if you’re out in public. Because of this, the majority of wallet makers put a clear ID window in your wallet so you can easily display with you license, state-issued ID card, military ID, etc…
  • Your Drivers’ License: It goes without saying: If you drive a car, you have to have your license with you. Obviously, a wallet is the perfect place to keep your driver’s license safe and secure
  • Your school or library card: If you’re a big reader or a student, you most likely have a library card. You never know when you’ll need to pop into your local library (or school library), so keep them in your wallet.
  • Gym/club membership card: If you like to work out, you’re probably a member at your local gym. In order to get into the gym, you’ll have to scan (or show) your membership card.  Forgetting it can be frustrating and also embarrassing. Luckily, there is one easy remedy to this trouble: keep it tucked away inside your wallet.


  • Your cash:  Arguably, the most important job that your wallet has is to keep your money safe.
  • Credit and/or debit cards:  Pretty much everyone you know has at least a few cards they carry with them (credit and debit).  Whether around town or traveling, it makes sense to carry a few of these cards in your wallet because you never know when you’ll need them. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Insurance cards: Whether medical or auto, it’s always wise to bring your insurance cards with you.  They’re there for unexpected situations, which is why keeping them in your wallet makes perfect sense.

Other Random Belongings

  • Gift cards: What we’ve found with gift cards is this…if you don’t carry them around with you, you’ll ALWAYS forget to use them.  Now, we’re not saying you have to carry every single gift card you own, but things like Starbucks make perfect sense.  You never know when you’ll be out and about and want a coffee, right?
  • Reward cards: Some carry these, some don’t.  Admittedly, most places store your phone number nowadays.
  • Stamps: When you need a stamp, you need a stamp.  It might be a rarity, but you’ll definitely thank yourself for having an extra stamp (or two) when you or a friend needs to mail something.
  • Coupons: Similar to the gift cards above, you never know when you’ll be out and about and need to use one of these coupons.  Again, don’t take every single coupon you own, but it makes sense to bring a “buy one get one” to Smoothie King, because who doesn’t want a smoothie?
  • Important receipts:  Don’t keep every receipt you own, but at least be mindful of the important ones. This is especially important if you’re trying something out before you make your final decision on whether or not to keep it.
  • Actual photographs:  Personally, I keep most of our photos on my phone, but hey, some people are nostalgic.  It’s not uncommon to carry around a physical photo (or two) of loved ones.
  • Special things: Whether it’s a special coin or token, lots of people have those items they carry around for comfort.  Getting the right size wallet can make all the difference when you want to carry something like this.

What are some unique items to carry in your wallet?

A Flashlight Card

We’ve all be there.  You dropped something and it’s too dark to see where it went.  If only you had a flashlight to help you see.

Well, here you go.

This extremely helpful credit card-sized flashlight will illuminate your life and also see to it you can locate your lost stuff easily and quickly!  It’s great to have for roadside emergency situations or for just sitting in a dark movie theater.

With this cool little “card-light”, you will constantly have a light right at your fingertips. It’s been ingeniously developed to fit well right into an extra card slot in your wallet, you wont even know it’s there.

Ultra-portable charger

Raise your hand if your phone has ever run out of battery.  Now that everyone’s hand is raised, let’s check out the solution for that!

The Android Credit Card

It’s simple, you charge the card-sized charger and keep it in your wallet for when you need it.

This amazing little gizmo is an actual lifesaver!

Chargekey lightning cord

Introducing the world’s smallest Apple Lightning cord, the ChargeKey. It brings the full functionality of both charging your Apple device or transferring data.

Its portable design makes it much more useful for taking a trip or everyday backup than the more standard style cables.

Its small size makes it super convenient and it easily slides inside your wallet.

With the ChargeKey you can provide your iPhone or iPad a fast charge using your laptop or from any USB power adapter. (it comes in Android too)

The Tool Logic Bank

What does this 2” 50/50 serrated stainless steel blade — an uber useful device — actually do? Here’s a checklist of every little thing packed into this small device.

  • mini-screwdriver
  • bottle opener
  • 8 x Magnifying glass
  • a handy pair of tweezers
  • a tooth pick
  • an accurate compass
  • imperial and metric ruler

Don’t overpack when going hiking, just bring this handy little device and replace everything above.

Perfect for quick weekend getaways.  All these tools fit neatly into a credit card-sized slot in your favorite wallet.

Portable Card Razor

Have you ever been in the car and noticed you missed a spot shaving??

Enter the Carzor.

It’s an ultra-handy little razor (with a mirror) that you can slide into your bag or wallet.

It’s a must-have little tool.

Credit-Card-Sized Flatware

This one is kind of random, but we’ve all been in a situation where we wish we had a fork, spoon or knife.  Whether you just got take out and they forgot to include flatware or you’re camping and just forgot to pack extra silverware – the card flatware won’t let you down.

Fitting neatly in your wallet, simply press on the card to remove the items and easily use them.

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