The Best Checkbook Wallets Online…Period.

Do you remember the old blue checkbook holders from 25 to 30 years ago?  I sure do.  I cringe every time I remember my dad pulling it out to scribble out a check.  You definitely wont catch me carrying anything that looked like that, but I do still carry a checkbook often enough.  Obviously, I’m really into wallets, so I wanted to see what options are out there?

Surprisingly enough, there are some great options for the guy who wants to carry his checkbook as a part of his everyday carry.  You’ll see below, we have everything from vintage full grain to sleek, modern options.  Enjoy – The Best Checkbook Wallets Online.

01. Itslife Men’s Best Checkbook Wallet

best checkbook wallets

Width: 7.28 in Depth: .78 in Height: 3.54 in Weight: 5.4 oz

This full grain cowhide leather wallet is oil tanned for durability and “feel”.  The wallet is equipped with RFID wave-blocking technology, which will protect you no matter where you travel.  Leave your fear at home when you leave, because you’ll never have to worry again about someone trying to steal your personal credit card information.

This bifold wallet comes with eight card pockets, two ID windows, one paper bill money pocket, an inside zipper pocket and two extra bill pockets.  It’s the perfect size to fit your checkbook (even with all of the previously mentioned items in the wallet). The sleek, horizontal style, will keep it slim and fits perfectly in your pants pocket, briefcase or a suit – with no bulk or uncomfortableness – is that a word?  This wallet is for the guy looking to keep it simple, but carry your checkbook in style.

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02. Leather Long Trifold Wallet by Saddleback

  best checkbook wallet

Width: 7.2 in Depth: .08 in Height: 3.8 in     

Get ready to travel the world in style with this full grain tri-fold checkbook wallet.  Made by Saddleback, this wallet features a roomy cash compartment that’s large enough to fit your checkbook (or passport) and multiple bills, as well as a large area for coins.  This wallet is a must have for anyone needing to carry their checkbook when traveling.  Even with everything loaded up, it magically remains slim, easily fitting in a satchel or jacket pocket with plenty of room for a smartphone or multiple extra cards.

The most impressive part? It comes with a 100 year warranty.  You didn’t mishear us…ONE HUNDRED YEAR WARRANTY.  It really speak to the quality of products you’re getting from Saddleback.  So if you are really seeking to cut back on bulk and travel the world, start here with a functional (super high quality) checkbook wallet – even more important that you’re luggage in our opinion 😉

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03. Denver Leather Checkbook Wallet by Buffalo Jacksonleather checkbook wallet

Width: 6.25 in Height: 3 in

Buffalo Jackson gets quality, they’ve built their business on it.  Their checkbook wallet is made of the most expensive, high quality full grain (100%) cow leather, with thick stitching to compliment.  This thing is super functional and slim fitting to top it off. If you are looking for a wallet to slip into your blazer or coat pocket, this is the one for you. It features multiple credit card pocket, an ID window, a large pouch, and two pockets behind the pouch that can hold a passport, checkbook, cash and receipts. It also comes with RFID protection to keep you safe and protected while travelling.

While this wallet may not fit in the back pocket of your skinny jeans, that’s not really what it’s designed to do.  What will it do?  Keep you organized and safe wherever you go.  It may get scratched up or develop a nice rich patina, but it will never fall apart.

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04. Mens Alpha – Zip Around Travel Wallet by Tumi

Width: 7.75 in Depth: 1.25 in Height: 4 in Weight: 8 oz.

It’s called the “Zip Around” because that’s exactly what it features, a secure zip around zipper to keep all of your cash, cards and documents safe. It has three carefully stitched compartments, one zip pocket, one open pocket and twelve, that’s right, twelve card slots. It’s part of the Alpha collection because everyone will know who is top dog when you whip this bad boy out.  It absolutely exudes quality and style.  It’s also the perfect gift for the alpha male in your life and comes beautifully gift-boxed. It’s on the larger side because that’s really what it’s meant to be.  A one stop solution for your carry needs when plane hopping to get you to that next business meeting.

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05. Checkbook Wallet by Leatherology


Width: 3.7 in Depth: 0.5 in Height: 6.75 in

Simplicity at its best.  Think of it as a perfect marriage of a reliable wallet and a checkbook holder.  This wallet is for the banker in you, organized and ready.  Long and slim, it fits easily into your breast pocket and features six (6) credit card pockets, an ID window, a plastic divider, a pen holder and is made of luxurious full grain leather. It might look simple, but screams success every time you pull it out – basically, you’ve got it together.

It’s a great gift and even comes in a high end gift box complete with bow.  You can be flashy or you can be reliable, the choice is yours, but in our opinion, flashy should be reserved for your ties and socks, reliable for your wallet.

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06. Combination Checkbook Wallet by Tony Perotti

Width: 3.5 in Depth: .5 in Height: 6.5 in

This 100% full grain Italian leather wallet has been conditioned with vegetable oil, making it soft to the touch and unlike anything you have ever felt before. This sleek and classy wallet fits easily into your breast pocket and can hold up to six credit cards.  It also features receipt slots, an ID window and a checkbook holder.  Stay comfortable and organized with this very luxurious addition to your wardrobe. The wallet is fully lined and expertly stitched, which is expected of anything from Tony Perotti gift box this is truly a keeper of a wallet. The best part? A lifetime guarantee!

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07. Hemp Checkbook Wallet by Hempmania

 vegan hemp checkbook wallet

Width: 4.5 in Length: 8 in

We all know hemp is crazy friendly for the environment, but did you know it makes one of the sturdiest materials for an eco-friendly wallet?  Hempmania makes a ton of different style wallets, with this one featuring a checkbook holder as it’s primary function.  It doesn’t stop there though, it features four credit card slots, two zipper pockets, a pen holder, and yes, a few more pockets.

In addition, its vegan-friendly and sweatshop free. So if you want to be conscious about the environment, but still carry in style, check out this checkbook wallet by Hempmania.  It’s also super budget friendly, you’ll save a ton of money!

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08. Coat Pocket Wallet by Bosca


Depth: 3.75 in Width: .25 in Height: 6.5 in

A good quality sport coat is a must have for any professional.  One thing you definitely shouldn’t have to worry about is a bulky wallet cramping your jacket’s style. The coat pocket wallet has you covered when coming to protecting your valuables and maintaining the classy blazer look. Featuring five credit card pockets and four vertical stash pockets, this wallet was made for your breast pocket without compromising the ever important “slim factor”.

The old leather, distinct yet classic design, will be sure to impress your colleagues and friends. Made from vegetable-tanned Italian leather, its soft to the touch and shouts luxury. It arrives in high end Bosca packaging and will make you happy you changed from your old wallet to one that will last  a lifetime.

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09. Bifold Checkbook Wallet by Bison Denim


Width: 3.9 in Depth: .8 in Height: 7.5 in Weight: 7.4 oz

This handsome genuine cowhide leather checkbook wallet has a quality polyester lining with rust resistant hardware. The high grade leather is naturally soft, scratch resistant and very durable to last for years. The design is professional to carry with a suit, but casual enough to use with jeans and a sweater. It has quality solid stitching and comes with a smooth metal zipper.

The Bison Denim Genuine Leather Long Men’s Bi-fold Checkbook Wallet has eight slots for your credit cards and two large inside compartments for your checkbook and cash and includes enough room for your phone all kept safely zipped up.

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10. Cowhide Rodeo Checkbook Wallet by Yoder Leather Company


Width 3.5 in Height 6.88 in Weight 3.2 oz  

This beautiful, stylish “ Cowhide Rodeo” Checkbook Wallet is made in the USA by Amish Craftsmen. It has six slots for credit cards on the right side with a pocket behind it for either your checkbook or cash. On the left side is another long pocket for either your cash or checkbook that you didn’t put on the right side.

This wallet is handcrafted from the highest quality top grain cowhides available. Each hide is minimally processed to give each wallet that rustic look and is made to last for years to come with is quality hand stitching.

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11. Men’s Leather Zipper Pocket Checkbook Wallet by Le’uokuu


Width: 3.5 in Depth: .7 in Height: 7.36 in Weight 4 oz

This zippered checkbook wallet is imported from China, but don’t think that means it’s not quality – because it is!  It comes with an ID pocket, places for business cards and credit cards, as well as cash and your checkbook. It’s spacious enough to even have room for a pen. You can safely tuck your phone inside it for when you want it with you but don’t necessarily want to “carry” it.

The roomy design is perfect for people who need a little extra space for other small items you don’t want in bulking up your other pockets. The soft leather is flexible and feels comfortably in your pocket.

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12. Full Grain Checkbook Wallet by Velez

Width: 5.5 in. Height: 16.9 in. Weight: 2.4 oz

The Velez Men’s Checkbook Wallet is made of 100% full grain leather. It’s the perfect wallet to carry all your essentials in one place – that’s why we like these checkbook wallets so much! The zipper helps keep everything secure, no more change falling out all over your seat when your wallet gets turned upside down. It has a place for your checkbook and your cash. You can fit this slim fitting wallet in your pocket with ease.

The quality craftsmanship will last for years to come. This wallet is light, yet durable. It makes an excellent gift for that someone special or a nice addition to your own carry items.

13. Zippered Checkbook Wallet by Herschel Supply Co.


Width: 4 in Depth: 1.3 in Height: 7.6 in Weight: 10.4 oz

Here’s the deal, Herschel Supply makes rad stuff.  There’s no way of getting around that.  If they are going to put time into manufacturing something…it’s going to be cool.  This wallet is no exception.  This is one of the few wallets they make that isn’t made of canvas, but we love it.  It’s comprised of high quality leather on the exterior and interior, with pockets lined in a fun canvas print.  They have also incorporated RFID blocking to keep your credit cards and other personal information safe and secure.  Bottom line, you can be confident wherever you go that no one can access when you’re carrying this wallet.

Practically speaking, the zipper closure keeps all your stuff tucked safely inside it – it just makes sense.  Although we don’t always recommend it, the wallet is hand washable if it gets dirty. It has a blue and white stripped lining. There are multiple slots for credit cards and a mobile phone slot. The waxed top grain nubuck leather provides added quality and value.

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14. Workwear Leather Checkbook Cover by Berne


Width: 3.75 in Depth: 1.3 in Height: 7 in Weight: 5.6 oz

The Berne Workwear Leather Checkbook Cover is made from 100% leather and has a really nice leather lining. It can be washed by hand if it needs it, but we never like to wash our wallets 😊.  Some may like this feature, but we weren’t so sure…It has a no closure. That’s fine if you don’t keep a lot in it other than your checkbook, but not a great option if you want to carry cash or other valuables inside.  It also has an ID window for easy access when writing a check. It has six card slots for your credit cards and four slips for your bills and checkbook.

This beautifully designed checkbook wallet is not only functional but classy. You can feel confident that you have what you need at your fingertips when you go out. No more running to the car to get your checkbook.

15. RFID Checkbook Wallet


Width: 3.63 in Depth: .88 in Height: 7.38 in Weight: 3.67 oz

This RFID blocking checkbook wallet is made from excellent quality leather. It is extremely thin and has twelve credit card slots that each have “Faraday Cage” to protect your information from being stolen electronically (from portable RFID scanner). The wallet comes with a shielded ID window for quick, easy access when writing a check or showing your driver’s license or ID. Two large compartments for cash and other items are available, with a third one that runs the length of the wallet for your checkbook.

The genuine leather is supple and has distinctive stitching that makes it not only a great gift, but a great purchase for yourself if you’re serious about protecting what you carry.

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We hope you enjoyed the best checkbook wallets we’ve found.  Check back often as this list will be updated!

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