Our Epic Frenchie Speed Wallet Review [2024]

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The Frenchie Speed Wallet, it’s as cool looking as it is functional.  Here’s my review.

The perfect wallet is an elusive — but crucial — element of my everyday carry. Too thick and it’s uncomfortable and leaves unsightly imprints; too thin and it doesn’t accommodate everything I need. My wallet needs to hit that sweet spot without compromising on durability and style. I’m also looking for security and convenience.

While my must-haves might seem like basics, I’ve found it tough to find a wallet that checks every box on my list. Recently, I tested out The Original Speed Wallet by The Frenchie Co.

Frenchie Speed Wallet

Born out of Kickstarter, The Frenchie Co. makes two versions of their original speed wallet in Italian Leather and CX6 carbon fiber.

In addition to these options, they’ve begun branching out and now offer a mini version in leather, carbon fiber, and ballistic nylon, as well as a variety of other products.

This hand-crafted wallet turned out to be everything I’ve been looking for in terms of comfort, quality, and ease-of-use. It’s fast-access “pull and go” design was a unique feature that I fell in love with. Here’s my in-depth review of The Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet.

Frenchie Speed Wallet – Features

  • Magnetic closure: A solid closing mechanism was a hugely important feature for me. The Speed Wallet’s magnetic closure ensured I had no worries about stuff falling out or my wallet coming undone until I want it open.
  • Speed Pockets: I never had to fumble for a card when using the wallets speed pockets, of which there are two. Each pocket is designed for fast-access and easily fits two cards.
  • Access Card Friendly: No need to pull out your access card for the office or subway. There’s a specific access card slot that gives you the convenience without compromising on security.
  • RFID Blocking: This is something I hadn’t thought a lot about with my previous wallets, but the added security of RFID-blocking technology is a nice perk. It gives me peace of mind that no tech-savvy thieves can steal my credit card info.
  • Multiple Currencies: this wallet’s custom dimensions make it perfect for the international traveler. The design fits any currency from USD to Euros to Yen.
  • 100% Satisfaction Moneyback Policy: Self-explanatory. That is: if you aren’t satisfied, you can get a full refund.
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Italian Leather Option:

  • 63mm x 99mm x 10mm
  • Fits up to 12 cards and 12 bills

Carbon Fiber Option:

  • 63 x 100 x 3 mm
  • Holds up to 9 cards & folded bills

The Frenchie Speed Wallet is definitely slim; it fits into my front and back pockets with ease (though we recommend a slim wallet and front-pocket carry). The small size was not a drawback in my experience. I was able to carry all of the cards and bills I need on any given day. The bi-fold design makes it very easy to pull out bills.


Note that the color options available will change over time, but this should give you a good favor of the range.

  • Italian Leather: Choose from Mocha (a rich dark brown), Red (an oxblood shade), Dark Green, Ultra Navy, Turquoise, Burgundy, or Tan.
  • CX6 Carbon Fiber: A combined carbon fiber and Italian leather model, this version of the wallet is partially made from the same material used in some luxury cars. This carbon fiber version is only available in black and has a woven design.

The Frenchie Co. Mini Speed Wallet - Crafted with Italian Leather and Ballistic Nylon - Ultra Slim with RFID Blocking and Fast Card Access | Black

Mini Version in Leather and Ballistic Nylon

The appearance of the wallet was a plus for me. The Italian leather is soft, but hardy and has a timeless quality. The stitching is extremely well done and added to the classic, minimalist look.

The carbon and leather variety has a more unique, interlaced design with a solid leather front. It maintains the sophisticated appeal of its solid leather counterpart — but with an eclectic twist. Both types are bifold and are shipped in a nice-looking package. Plus, they smell like a new pair of boots and it’s eco-friendly!

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I’ll admit — I definitely demand a lot from my wallets. My line of work is fast-paced and I’m constantly on-the-go or out in extreme the heat or cold. Not to mention, I am frequently pulling my wallet out for some reason or another. The Frenchie Speed Wallet has held up where others have failed.

I can credit the handcrafted and well-selected material with the fact that my Frenchie Speed wallet, so far, functions and looks as well as the day I got it. The pull tab on the speed pockets is in perfect working order, and the outer material is still smooth. The magnetic closure holds strong and the leather and carbon fiber both hold up to spills and drops. This is a lifetime quality wallet for sure.

Final Verdict

The Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet | Ultra Navy + Tan | The Original Speed Wallet for Men with RFID Blocking and Super Fast Card Access | Italian Leather Ultra Slim

The Frenchie Co. Original Speed Wallet has proved extremely useful overall. As I said, my main needs in a wallet are function, practicality,  comfort, and style. When it comes to function, the speed pockets in this wallet cannot be beaten.

As someone who uses an access card on the daily, the access card slot has been a huge time-saver. The size and materials make it unobtrusive and any-type-of-pants friendly, without having to sacrifice on comfort.

The classic yet modern look and feel of the wallet are just the icing on the cake. I can confidently say I’ve found my new everyday driver.

The Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet | Black Tan | The Original Speed Wallet for Men with RFID Blocking and Super Fast Card Access | Italian Leather Ultra Slim

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the interior color? In the Italian Leather version, all of the interiors are tan. As for the Carbon Fiber, the interior is black.
  • Are there multiple capacity options? Yes, the carbon speed wallet holds up to 12 cards and 20 bills, while the Italian leather version holds up to 12 cards and 12 bills.
  • Is there a difference between the Carbon Fiber 6 pocket and 12 pocket? Does one have an additional pocket? They have the same amount of pockets, but the 6 pocket allows for 3 cards in each slot. The 12 card model accommodates 6 cards in each pocket.
  • Will the magnetic clasp destroy the magnetic strip on credit cards? Nope! It has preventions in place to prevent this.
  • Are both the Carbon Fiber and Italian Leather Options equipped with RFID technology? Yes! Both wallets are fully protected with RFID blocking tech.
  • Do both the Carbon Fiber and Italian Leather Options have the access card slot? The Italian Leather wallet has access card slot but the rugged material of the Carbon Fiber options does not work with an access slot.
  • What’s up with the warranty? All Frenchie Co. wallets have a one year warranty — more than enough time to determine if it’ll suit your specific needs.
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