The Best Fantom Wallet Alternatives 2024 [Top 5!]

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The Fantom Wallet is awesome, but it’s not for everyone.   

Fantom is the cool little Kickstarter project that has picked up quite the following.  So much so, that often times the wallet is nowhere to be found because it’s sold out! 

We scoured the globe for other options or alternatives to the Fantom and have put them together for you here. 

Fantom Wallet Alternatives

Fantom Wallet Alternatives

First of all, what do we mean by alternatives? Well, the Fantom was designed as a stylish, lightweight, “ejector” style wallet (where all your cards can be fanned out to select just the one you want), with a money clip to boot. So – anything we look at as an alternative has to at least match some of those criteria, preferably at a somewhat more affordable price point.

Let’s go through them in a bit more detail:

Flipside 4

Flipside Wallets New RFID Blocking Flipside 4 Wallet

The Flipside Wallet is slightly different to others on the market mainly focusing on durability by dropping the on-trend leather casing. It’s actually made from both strength polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum which is the strongest and most widely used types of metal in the world. It adds to the protection by automatically locking when closed.

It can be re-opened by pressing the button at the bottom of the wallet and its spacious interior can hold up to 8 cards and 10 cash notes if they’re all streamlined and flat. Overall if you want protection and durability as well as an RFID blocker you can’t go wrong with this little beauty.

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Distil Union Wally Micro

Distil Union Wally Micro - Premium Leather Minimalist Slim Wallet and Card Holder (Gray/Brown - RFID, Classic)

If you are looking to simplify your everyday life with one sleek, tiny package, then the Distil Union Wally Micro wallet is ideal. Everything you need can be conveniently stored in your front pocket with its remarkably slim design. The elastic bands allow you to store up to 10 cards or utilize the leather pull tab to gain access to a specific one.

The Wally Micro is crafted from premium natural full grain leather that is uniquely reversible if the mood suits you (for example, the brown leather version above flips inside out to a sleek modern grey.

  • Pros: Perfect size for a minimalist wallet – great fit for front pocket
  • Cons: Don’t overstuff the wallet, as the band will wear out sooner than expected

Note: this is the updated version. We also have a soft spot for the original.


Fidelo Slim Wallet

Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet – Slim RFID Credit Card Holder Money Clip for Men - A. Prestige 3K Carbon Fiber Wallet + 4 Bands

This wallet has a futuristic and stylish feel to it. It comes with enough space for up to 12 cards as well as multiple bill fold bands to keep your cash safe and to change up the look. This version (our favorite) is made of carbon fiber, though you can also choose from aluminum and hybrid models made from leather and ballistic nylon.

With this version, you can fan out the cards manually by pushing up through the thumb window but the hybrid version has a trigger mechanism that more closely resembles the Fantom’s trigger.


Secrid Card Protector

Secrid Reddot Award winning Card Protector in titanium color, Very Slim Credit Card Holder / wallet with RFID protection, with one click all 6 cards slide out gradually

The Secrid Card Protector is one of six from the Secrid Collection. It has a weight of 1.7 oz and has a slim, elegant feel to it. There are over 2 dozen (that’s right – DOZEN) different colors to choose from, meaning you’re spoilt for choice. It has an aluminum casing around the cards inside the wallet adding RFID protection.

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It’s very practical and rigid with the only downside being that it only caters for 4-6 cards. There is also the option of buying the optional money band which goes around the wallet that keeps your cash safe. However if you need a wallet that can accommodate more cards and things such as cash, receipts and business cards, the Slim or Twinwallet might be a bit more suited to your needs.


Cascade Wallet

Cascade Slim Wallet by Ögon Designs - Automatic aluminum and leather Wallet - Compact metal RFID blocking card holder - Easy card access pop-up cards - Carbon Leather / Silver Aluminum

The Cascade Wallet is another simple alternative to the Fantom Wallet. It weighs in a bit heavier than the heaviest of the Secrid collection (above) and is a little wider in each of the three dimensions.

It comes with a leather cover (the “carbon leather” version is the one shown above) encompassing a solid card holder in the middle with an aluminum cover which protects you from digital theft. On top of this it also has a money band alternative to keep your money safe. In terms of durability and practicality this is a solid budget choice.


Fantom Wallet Alternatives – Wrap Up

That’s our quick top 5 Fantom Wallet Alternatives! Hopefully you found something you liked, or were inspired by, in that collection. The Fantom is a great little wallet though, and we’re glad it came out of Kickstarter and has grown to a successful brand.

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