Speidel Money Clip Review

Speidel Money Clip Review

The Speidel Money Clip Review, our full review of a great little money clip.


  • Snap closure
  • Patented Speidel money clip design inspired from the traditional paper binder clip that folds into a slim flat Form and easily slides into your front pocket
  • Rugged and durable stainless steel construction built to last and backed by Speidel’s Two Year Warranty
  • Two Point Grip layout, Powerful Self Adjusting Spring and High Grip tooth pattern firmly retains as few as 1 bill or as much as 75 bills together with credit cards and business cards.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 7.5 cm long, 4 cm wide (in the widest part) .10lbs in weight
  • Sleek and fashionable decorative black textured rubber inserts and engravable oval handle plates permit you to personalize with a monogram.
  • Fantastic holiday, birthday or any other special event gift idea packaged in a Gorgeous box

If you are searching for a new wallet that does not scream “I’m going out of style,” you should consider purchasing a Speidel Money Clip. These stylish wallets are known for their contemporary designs and functionality. There are many different styles of metal wallets available to choose from, but this particular brand features a design that makes it perfect for anyone who is on the go.

There are four (4) different styles of contemporary wallets available. The following wallets will fall into one of the following four categories – conventional plastic wallets, card wallets, multi-pocket wallets and what I call “Customized” style wallets. You can easily find the wallet style that best suits your needs when you shop online.

The most popular style of wallet is the front pocket wallet. This wallet is great for those who frequently carry large amounts of cash. The front pocket has multiple pockets on both sides and is ideal for those who carry a small amount of cash. One of the most popular styles for this wallet is the black front pocket wallet with black leather trim. This wallet style is also a great choice for those who are traveling on a budget. This style features a large front pocket and a variety of drawstring closures. This wallet is perfect for those who do not want to put their valuables on display or who need to have quick access to cash.

If you like having a lot of money in a small space, you may want to consider a plastic wallet. Many people purchase plastic money clip wallets as they offer easy accessibility for any small amount of money. Most plastic wallet designs feature single pocketed designs that are usually made from either leather or nylon. Many of the plastic wallet models that are made in the U.K. feature the option of a magnetic closure that makes it convenient to carry cash.

While pocket wallets are great for keeping small amounts of cash or for holding receipts, they are not suitable for storing large amounts of cash. Bifold wallets are another type of wallet design that features two separate compartments that are separated by a folded piece of fabric. Bifold wallets are ideal if you are traveling, since they allow you to use one pocket for your ID and bank checks and another for larger or less expensive items like jewelry or coins.

The final type of wallet that we will discuss is the Multi-pocket wallet. This style is ideal for anyone who wants to carry a small amount of cash but does not need to keep it within reach. The wallet design features two compartments that are connected by a pocket on the front of the wallet for keeping change and other small items like keys and cards.

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