Forrest & Harold Wallet Review

We finally got our hands on a few of the wallets from Forrest & Harold.  To say we were impressed would be an understatement.  These guys really get it.  Their wallet line consists of quality materials, innovative functionality and colorful design.  This isn’t your grandpa’s wallet (although he might actually like using one).

Review of the Forrest & Harold Wallet Line

No one wants a big, bulky wallet taking up space in your back pocket. And who really enjoys having to sit on a thick wallet filled with a bunch of cards that you probably don’t even use on a regular basis. After weeding through the unnecessary items and hanging on only to the important ones, finding a slimmer, more compact wallet was a must.

When you’re in the market for a new wallet, there are several things to consider. Price, functionality, and design are all important, and you should not have to sacrifice on any of them. Forrest & Harold have produced a line of affordable wallets that are stylish and functional. They have several items available to meet the needs of any minimalist.  We were able to review the following wallets from F&H:

The Wallets


Forrest Harold Slim RFID Gray Slate

This wallet is perfect for the minimalist in search of something better than the standard, bulky old wallet. Who wants to take up all that space anymore? The functionality and stylish design make it a great wallet choice for men of all ages.

  • First and foremost, this wallet is functional.  The pockets are snug, holding your cards securely in place until you need them. It will hold between 8 and 10 different cards without taking up a ton of space. It also has an attached money clip that holds around 15 bills. No more worries about not having space for what you need, but also no space for storing unnecessary items either.
  • The two-tone, handcrafted leather makes this wallet stylish, too. There are several different color combinations to choose from, and it can be as individual as its owner. People will notice how great your wallet looks when you pull it out to use it.

Forrest & Harold SLIM RFID Colors

  • It also features anti-theft RFID blocking that helps to prevent others from obtaining your private card information via RFID chip readers. This safety features adds a level of security that most other wallets don’t.
  • Structurally, this handcrafted leather wallet will last a long time. The quality is superb, and the craftsmanship is unmatched. You’ll never have to worry about unwarranted wear and tear.
  • This wallet is an amazing space saver. Slide it in a back pocket, and you barely know it’s there! Gone are the days of the bulky, overstuffed wallets.


Forrest Harold Slim RFID Card Holder Blue

When you need something to carry around your basic debit and credit cards and just a little bit of cash, you don’t want something big and bulky to have to stick in your pocket. This card holder wallet is a great choice for storing those items in a useful way that still looks classy.

  • The card holder wallet is approximately 4” x 3”. It is made of a high quality top grain leather that is durable. On one side, you can fit up to six cards in the three slots. On the other side is a fitted leather strip that will hold your bills securely until you are ready to use them.
  • This wallet also has a safety feature built in to help ensure that no one is able to obtain your private credit card information. The RFID lining in the middle pocket helps to protect your important data.

Forrest & Harold SLIM RFID Card Holder Colors

  • There are several color options. The card holder side is black while the bill holder side comes in a number of different colors from a basic gray to a vibrant red. The color combinations definitely draw the compliments from those who see this wallet.



If you really want to carry around only the basic necessities in an easy to access space, then the RFID minimalist sleeve is exactly what you need. This is the slimmest wallet option offered by Forrest & Harold, and it offers convenience like no other.

  • Both sides feature pockets that are perfect for holding ID cards, debit cards, or credit cards. The inner pocket holds up to four bills – just enough cash for a night out on the town. The pockets are slanted to make it easier to get items in and out.
  • The sleeve is made from the same high quality top grain leather that is loved in so many other Forrest & Harold wallet options. It comes in several different color combinations to fit your own personal style.

Forrest & Harold SLIM RFID Minimalist Sleeve Colors

  • But let’s talk about the best part! It is so slim that you can fit it just about anywhere. It will fit nicely in either your front or back pockets. You can even slide it into your shirt pocket for easy access.
  • Of course, safety is a must, and this sleeve has the same RFID anti-theft blocking to prevent your secure information from being stolen.



When you are traveling, you want something that is going to hold up and is going to hold on to all of your belongings. The Forest and Harold Passport Wallet is an excellent choice for those times.

  • With a convenient 4”x 6” size, the passport wallet is easy to transport but is room enough to carry everything you need to get form point a to point b. You’ll be surprised to find out just how much it can hold!
  • The four card slots on the left side ensure that it will hold enough cards to get you through any trip. Behind that is a deep pocket that will hold travel documents, cash, or anything else that needs to be securely stored away.  There is a second pocket on the other side, perfect for keeping up the small provided notebook or other important papers.
  • The fashionable style of this passport wallet will garner plenty of attention. Currently available in a cognac and rust color combination, it is sleek and extremely well made. The phenomenal stitching provides assurance that this product will last for years, and the top grain leather construction means this passport wallet is high quality.

About Forrest & Harold

From the time Forrest & Harold first began, they have worked hard to meet the high expectations of their customers – and potential customers. They wanted to change the basic wallet – carried by the majority of men out of habit or necessity more than out of want – into something that guys would be proud to carry around. They wanted to create something a little more eye-catching.

And they wanted guys to come to rely on their products for security and safety – because, after all, wallets carry around some of our most important items.

Who is really that passionate about a wallet? These guys are! They pay attention to every detail that goes into the design and the construction of all of their wallet styles. They understand the need for enough space without having too bulk.

If all of this is not enough to convince you that a Forrest & Harold wallet is the way to go, listen to this! Each signature product comes with a two-year hassle-free warranty that covers manufacturer defect in the materials or the workmanship. Products are covered for two years form the date on which they were purchased.

Forrest & Harold set out to create a simpler wallet for a simpler life, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. A little ambition and a little wallet sure can go a long way.

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