Ridge Wallet Vs. Machine Era

Dimensions and Weight
First, we’re going to look at the Ridge wallet, in particular, the Titanium black. Although Ridge has a variety of materials, they’re all the same size (weight varies minimally). We want to look at the Titanium because the Machine Era is also made out of Titanium and it’s nice to compare based on these similarities.
The size of this is around that of a typical wallet, with it being 3.4 x 2.1 x .25 inches. The titanium coating does contribute to this feeling a little heavier on the hand at 2.5 ounces. As well as the titanium outer coating there is an expandable elastic track and RFID blocking aluminum plates.
The wallet we’re going to look at from Machine Era is the ‘Ti5 Slim Wallet’. Compared to the Ridge, this is a lot lighter with it weighing in at just 0.6 ounces. The length and width however is of a comparable size to the Ridge at 3.4 x 2.2 x .3 inches.

Ridge has a variety of colors, but most of those are in their Aluminum and Polycarbonate lines. The Titanium line has three colors, Black, Burnt and Gunmetal. The Ridge that we reviewed has rich, deep black color with darker shades of grey/charcoal for parts such as the elastic banding. In terms of the material itself, just as the Ti5, it has grade 5 titanium for the casing with the cash strap coming in a uniform black. The RFID blocking aluminum plates mean that you’re protected from anyone wishing to pickpocket via a rogue NFC device or card reader.
Like previously mentioned, the Ti5 Slim Wallet consists of a few materials such as aerospace grade 5 titanium. This is then sealed with “Diamond Like” Carbon coating. The combination of these two materials mean the casing itself has been made as impact and scratch resistant as is practically possible (more on this later). The creators of the Ti5 stuck with a simple, but effective black color scheme making the wallet look professional, but at the same time, discreet.

Both the Ridge and the Ti5 Slim Wallet are made of grade 5 titanium (Ti 6AI-4V). This is commonly referred to in the trade as the ‘workhorse’ of titanium alloys and is the most commonly used worldwide. It is known for its high strength and has been used in both of these wallets to secure any components such as cards inside from breakage if the wallet is dropped, this in conjunction with the secure cash straps mean your money and cards will be secure. As well as protection against scratches and impact from falls, it also offers protection against corrosion over time prolonging the lifespan of both of these products. The only difference between the two is that the Ti5 Slim Wallet lacks the RFID blocking aluminum which is becoming more of a necessity.

Overall functionality
The Ridge Wallet ticks every box of what a wallet should be. It isn’t too bulky or heavy, it has an expandable card holder, an option of a money clip or cash strap to keep your earnings secure and most importantly the RFID blocking aluminum keeping your money digitally secure as well as physically.
The Ti5 Slim Wallet comes with an area for your cards, a separate area for your cash and a cash strap which keeps everything inside secure and stops it from falling out. On top of this it has the added bonus of being a bottle opener; this is located on the rear of the wallet just above the cash strap.

When it comes to flaws for the Ridge Wallet, it is hard to see any. The only downside would be it’s weight in comparison to the Ti5 Slim with it being over 4 times heavier.
The main flaw with the Ti5 Slim Wallet as pointed out already in contrast to the Ridge Wallet is its lack of an RFID blocking material being incorporated into the wallet. This means if someone has a card reader and has configured it to take an amount up to and including $40, this can simply be tapped against the pocket where your Ti5 Slim Wallet is located and the NFC facility will pay the money to the rogue merchant.

Final Verdict
The Ridge Wallet is a lot more practical as well as being more secure physically and digitally. These advantages mean that it being four times heavier than the Ti5 Slim is negated. The Ti5 Slim Wallet is a nice durable and functional wallet and I would probably need to re-evaluate my decision here if it incorporated an RFID blocking material to protect the cards and user in the future however for the time being it goes to the Ridge Wallet.


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