Levi’s Trifold Wallet Review

The Levi’s Trifold Wallet Review.  Your brand new go-to accessory. Carry your cards in fashion

The ideal pocket to carry your essentials in style when walking about. This additional capability trifold wallet features 6 credit card slots, 2 slide pockets, and one ID window with thumb slider ideal for your work badge. The bill compartment is big enough for one to take invoices, notes and coupons.

Lean shape

Obtaining a practical pocket shouldn’t have you compromise style. The slender design of the Trifold wallet lets you stay neat and arrange. Measuring only 4″H x 5″L, It’s the ideal

Levi Strauss
We’re pleased to honor Levi Strauss’s devotion to an unswerving dedication to quality. For this day, we do our best to align our work with these principles.

Stay in Levi’s
we’re building on our legacy to move the organization ahead, to be innovative and applicable to today’s customers — and tomorrow.

Iconic Red Tab
1936 marks the first use of the Red Tab to distinguish our products from rivals. It’s inserted to the back pocket of this 501 jean.

Wallet created for actual life
In Levis we’re pride to craft high quality accessories. When drawing and sketching, our designers concentrate on details which produce the difference.

Crafted from premium quality materials
In Levi’s, our designers pay close attention to this substance which will be utilized to deliver they drawings . We need our products to survive over 1 season and supply our clients with best in course substances. Designing stylish and long-lasting accessories is our number 1 priority in Levis.

From jeans wallet
Levi Strauss began the business as a men’s jeans attention firm to enlarge, after couple of decades, to women, boy’s and accessories. After couple of years developing his experience in for jeans, Levi’s chose to expand his experience to small leather products because a fantastic pair of jeans desire a fantastic excellent wallet.
Consistently make the ideal choice – Perfect present idea for Christmas.
The very best way to demonstrate your love for your Dad, Son or even Grandpa is to present them with this slender front pocket . Stylish, practical, and easy to carry, this wallet Is the Best gift for a guy looking for a slender design/extra capacity/stylish.

The facts:

  • Imported
  • Faux Leather liner
  • Trifold closed
  • 4.3 x 1.65 x 9 inches
  • 0.36 pounds
  • HIGH QUALITY COATED LEATHER: Just as a reliable American manufacturer, Levi’s merely supplies you with top excellent material and layout. Appreciate this long-lasting pocket which will make certain to hold all your possessions
  • CAPACITY: This wallet contains 6 card slots to hold credit cards, debit cards, bank cards, ID cards and more. Additionally, there are two hidden pockets and 1 large bill compartment. A transparent ID window is put in the middle, perfect for displaying your permit
  • STYLE: Aged leather style, an embossed two-horse Levi’s emblem, and stitched edges add a classy twist to this Levi’s pocket. Make Sure You Generate an unforgettable impression each time you pull your wallet out
  • SLIM DOWN YOUR POCKET: Assessing 9″H x 4.3″L, this Excess capacity wallet perfectly matches in your pocket to your daily life and when travel

If you’re looking for a new way to carry your belongings, the Levi’s Trifold Wallet is an option you should definitely consider. With its sturdy construction and wide design, this wallet has many features that make it a good option for frequent travelers. Here are five of the benefits that you’ll get if you choose the Levi’s Trifold Wallet.

It’s a perfect companion to your Levi’s jeans. Most people who carry their wallet on top of their jeans will want to take it off after every trip. The Levi’s Trifold Wallet will allow you to do just that without worrying about it hanging down while your jeans are being tucked in. This wallet also gives you more room than other styles because the top part of the wallet is wider.

Your leger fitz wallet is also a great choice for traveling with your kids. Many kids love to take along their favorite books and video games. When you travel, you want to make sure they have all of their favorite accessories. That’s why your kids will appreciate having their favorite books and video games with them. The wide design of the Levi’s Trifold Wallet makes it easy to keep all of their favorite things protected and stored so they don’t have to be taken in their luggage.

If you carry your Levi’s jeans on top of your leger fitz wallet, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right place to store other items. Because this bag is wider, you won’t have to worry about your clothing and accessories getting lost. All you have to do is simply fold and carry your clothes so they’re out of the way when not needed. Even though the Levi’s Trifold Wallet is very wide, you won’t have to worry about it getting stuck in any tight places, which means you won’t have to worry about your shoes, socks, or underwear being thrown off while you’re traveling.

A lot of people tend to forget that the Levi’s Trifold Wallet is also a wallet, so you will be able to keep your receipts, money, ID, and other important information organized. You can even use the wallet as a checkbook. This can really come in handy if you ever travel with your kids, since you’ll always have an extra bill ready for them if they need to use it.

The Levi’s Trifold Wallet is also very lightweight. Because it’s so durable, you won’t feel any pain or inconvenience carrying it around. When you have something as important as your wallet in your hands, you’ll know it won’t fall over when you’re on the move.

Another big advantage to carrying these leger with wallets is that they can also serve as a traveling wallet for other people. They’re perfect for friends and family members who travel with you or for people who like to bring you things with them when they travel with their laptops and mobile devices. They’re easy to hide when they’re not in use, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop or other expensive electronic items falling out of your pockets. The best part about them is that it’s incredibly easy to use as a wallet as well.

In addition to the benefits above, you also have the benefit of having one very durable wallet that can be used as a traveling companion. No matter where you go, you can have one great looking wallet. That’s why the Levi’s Trifold Wallet is such a great choice for anyone who likes to carry all of his or her essentials in one place. It’s also a great choice for anyone who wants to be prepared at all times.

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