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The BEST Wallets for College Students

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Ah, to be in college again.  It’s a time when you have your whole life ahead of you.  Most of your time is spent running between classes, studying for exams and working part-time…oh, and maybe the occasional party 😉

If you’re in college you typically find yourself in one of two situations:

1) You’re broke

2) You’re really broke

In all seriousness, college students haven’t usually established themselves financially. What that doesn’t mean, however, is that you don’t need a wallet that keeps all your stuff safe and secure.  A minimalist wallet is a great solution for a college student because you don’t really have a ton of cards (or cash to carry).  While we do admit that some of you wait tables, so you may be heavier on the cash side…most college students have opened up a bank account and perhaps have their first credit card. You basically need a wallet that will carry a few cards, your driver’s license and maybe student ID.

We’ve broken up the wallets below into two sections 1) For Him and 2) For Her. Most of the wallets below are within the $25-60 price range.  We thought about including wallets below that range, but honestly…they’re junk.  We go through a lot of wallets and a $10 wallet will last you a few months…if that.

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Hope you enjoy!

Best Wallets For College Guys

01. Recycled Firefighter Wallet – The Sergeant

best wallet for college student

Recycled Firefighter has 4 different wallets to choose from.  We like the Sergeant for college guys because it’s super minimal.  There’s enough room for 3-4 cards (you can fit 6-8 more if you need to) and also a nice elastic strap on the back for cash.  It’s ultra lightweight as well.  The coolest part?  It’s made from recycled fire hoses…

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02. Allett Original Wallet (Nylon)

 There are two things about this wallet that make it awesome 1) it’s the lightest wallet on our list and 2) it can hold as few as 2-4 cards, but as many as 20-24 cards (although we think that’s a bit overkill).  If you regularly carry that many cards you need to re-evaluate what you really need carry wise.

Because it’s made out of nylon it will also take a beating and should last you all 8 years of college…

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03. Slimfold Minimalist Wallet

The folks at Slimfold have been around for a while.  They are known as being the pioneers of the Tyvek Wallet movement.  Basically, they’ve taken the same material that FedEx uses for the indestructible envelopes and made a wallet out of it.  The result?  It’s ultra-light, extremely slim and will last a really long time.  The wallet can fit as few as 4 cards and as many as 20 (similar to the Allett we mentioned above).

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04. Secrid Card Protector

college student wallet

We did a full review on Secrid HERE, but we really wanted to include their most simple wallet for our college students.  The Card Protector is just that…a card protector.  It can hold 4-6 cards (no more than 6) and has a really cool mechanism that automatically fans out your cards at the click of a button (see picture).

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05. Rugged Material – Ranger Wallet

We almost didn’t include the Ranger wallet because we thought…”do college students really care about a tactical style wallet?”  The answer is probably no, but this wallet is so much more than that. We included it because it’s the smallest on the list, but it’s the easiest to use!  It also comes loaded with utilitarian features, such as a wrench and a bottle opener (wait…you DEFINITELY need a bottle opener).  Scratch everything we just said…this is the perfect wallet for college guys.

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Best Wallets for College Girls

01. Vera Bradley – Georgia Wallet

best wallet for college girls

We’re sure you’ve heard of Vera Bradley…the deal with their brand is this: they only make so many of each pattern/print and then they’re gone. This gives you a chance to have a wallet that’s really functional and you’re almost guaranteed that no one you know has the same one.  We like this wallet because it fits easily in your purse or bag, but you can also carry it as a stand alone option.

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02. Fig Designs – Card Wallet

This little guys are jut cool.  Van Gogh fan?  They’ve got you covered.  We’ll admit, we first ran across these because they’re such a cool conversation piece, but upon further review…they’re really functional.  Great option for college girls because it fits easily in your bag or purse and keeps your cards (and some cash) organized.  It fans the cards apart when opened which is a nice feature.

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03. Aphison – Card Case/Wristlet

This one actually falls more into the “wristlet” category, but it’s small enough that we wanted to include it on here.  Again, what first drew us to this wallet were the patterns/prints that they offer…they’re just cool.  It’s a super functional wallet that has enough room for all your stuff (including your phone).  The wallet is fully enclosed with a quality zipper to keep everything secure…very important for college students when you’re running around campus!

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04. Thread Wallets – Minimalist

As a company that encourages slim carry, this little wallet by Thread might be our favorite.  It’s SO SIMPLE.  In our opinion, what really makes the wallet (besides the awesome prints), is the little key ring attachment that basically makes this wallet a key chain.  It’s the perfect gift for a college student.

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05. Fossil – Caroline Wallet

It’s hard to have a “best wallet” list without something from Fossil.  Everyone knows the brand, but they’re sometimes forgotten because they’re pretty mainstream. The reality is this…they’re mainstream and successful for a reason, they produce quality wallets.  The Caroline is no different.

Click the link below to see all of the awesome designs!

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