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Your passport, please…or else.
There are a few moments in every person’s life when they get the chance to take part in a monumental experience. For me, that moment came just three days after graduating from college. As if graduating wasn’t grand enough, I was invited to take an 18-day trek through Western Europe. The best part? It was free! For the first eight days our team hopped the EuroRail, rode the Metro and galloped across six different countries. I saw things I had only read about, walked on streets rich in history and lived out of a giant hiking backpack. All of this, believe it or not, without a single worry or inc..
Not Your Grandpa's Wallet...
I can still see him sitting at the kitchen table and smell that musk cologne as he purposes to show me his life story in the contents of his wallet. My grandpa-a veteran, blue-collar man with a knack for a good story. Time after time he would open the worn, about-to-burst leather contraption known as his wallet to take me on a journey. Full of membership cards, a swell of cash and most of all…pictures. Therein lay the journey on each occasion. I swear he had that wallet his whole life. Through wars, the depression and any other significant event (whether personal or historical) the man stored ..
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