Bellroy Wallets

Bellroy Wallets

Bellroy. These guys really get it. Who wants to carry around a bulky “Costanza” wallet? With an option for every situation, these guys have the perfect wallet for you.  Bellroy's big thing...focusing on slimming the way you carry, but never compromising functionality.  Take a look at their men's wallet line below.  You can purchase bellroy wallets easily through our online shoppe.

               Card Sleeve

Bellroy Card Sleeve

This little wallet is perfect for the minimalist. It fits very comfortably in your front pocket, back pocket, shirt pocket...any pocket. It easily fits two cards + a DL and some cash. Really though, what more do you need? A lot of guys will use this as a second wallet when they want to travel lighter.

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                Slim Sleeve

Bellroy Slim Sleeve


What more can we say, really? The Slim Sleeve pretty much takes the best things form ALL the wallets from Bellroy and sculpts them into one little slim package. Carry light...check. Room for cash just in case...check. Place to store those cards you don't use all that often...check. Very cool little wallet.

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                 Note Sleeve

Bellroy Note Sleeve​This is the Rolls Royce of the Bellroy wallet line. The Note Sleeve has everything, but simply doesn't compromise the “slim-factor”. Seriously, we haven't seen a full-feature wallet this thin. With soft leather and full selection of Bellroy colors, this wallet is for the classic gent, or the guy who's prefers an edgier style. This wallet really can fit into anyone's style.  Buy Bellroy Note Sleeves here.

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             Elements Range

Bellroy Elements Wallet​The Elements Wallets by Bellroy.  Bottom line...protect your stuff.  Going skiing, to the beach, to the lake, working on your hotrod, to the worries!  Bellroy has you covered with their elements range. Featuring the Sleeve, Pocket and Travel ranges, there's an Elements Wallet for everyone...maybe two or three.


             Micro Sleeve

Bellroy Elements Wallet​The Micro Sleeve by Bellroy.  Easy, easy, easy...did we say easy? - access to your bills.  Like its brother, the Card Sleeve, the Micro Sleeve is a true slim card carrier for those who absolutely don't want the bulky pockets!  The Micro Sleeve is a great primary or secondary wallet, depending on how heavy or light you're traveling. Featuring the middle access pocket - great for secure access to those items you need quickly.

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                Card Pocket

Bellroy Card Pocket


Have a few more cards to carry? Still like the idea of a small card case? The Card Pocket is a combination of the two. With room for tons of cards (and cash) – this little guy can handle all you can throw at it. The style is a less traditional, but definitely a statement-maker. Buy one today.

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               Hide and Seek

Bellroy Hide and Seek

Do you prefer the traditional wallet style? If so, the Hide Seek is for you. Getting it's name from the tons of hidden pockets...the Hide and Seek lacks not in the storage area. If you carry fairly heavy - cash, 4-8 cards, DL, insurance card, receipts, etc – you'll love this wallet. The Hide & Seek is a good every day wallet for the guy who doesn't want to compromise storage and maintain the slim...and cool factor.

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   Passport Sleeve & Travel Wallet

Bellroy Passport SleeveBellroy Travel Wallet​Must haves for the seasoned traveler. Where is that passport when you need it? Need a pen? How about a place to store those documents as you travel? The Passport Sleeve and it's big brother the Travel Wallet understand organization on the road. Also make an excellent gift.

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         Elements iPhone Wallets

Bellroy iPhone Wallet​You carry at least two things with you ALWAYS...your wallet and your phone.  Guess what?  The Bellroy Elements Phone Wallet lets you do both in one nice, weather sealed, awesome wallet.  With room for your iPhone 5 or 6 (not plus) and your cards and cash, the Phone Pocket has got you covered.






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